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What Can Dis-ease in the Physical Body Tell Us?

Updated: Apr 2

All energy connects. We like to compartmentalize issues in our lives, but from an energetic stance that’s an impossible feat.

Energy flows through our body through energy centers known as chakras. How it moves through these centers is determined by our mental and emotional health. This is powerful information and if we are willing to do a little sleuthing it can offer us a chance to change course and deepen.

I decided last fall that despite my age and level of fitness, I would run to the beat of Salt-N-Pepa’s "push it." My mind took me back to 1987 when I felt like a strong, independent young woman. My body quickly reminded me that the year was 2020 and I needed to adjust my expectations. The result? A strained Achilles’ tendon that’s been the bane of my existence to this day….or has it?

Being a mystery lover, I donned my metaphorical deerstalker hat, grabbed my magnifying glass and began to suss out what my spirit wanted me to know.

The dis-ease is in my leg. Left leg to be precise. The base of the spine to the feet is governed by the energy center known as the root chakra. The root chakra’s mantra is "I have a place at the table," meaning, I can meet my basic needs of food and safety. The left side of the body is about receiving energy into the body whereas the right side is moving energy out of the body. This is telling me I struggle to trust (receptive energy) the universe to provide for my basic needs. I spent 26 years devoted to my family, taking care of my children and being the book keeper for my husband’s business. As I now begin to focus on building my own business, I need to create awareness around the big and small ways the universe has my back. This list will serve as a reminder during times when my fears overwhelm me. Now I take a look at what’s going on in my emotional world. I happen to be changing stages in life. I’m empty nesting, divorcing and learning how to navigate life on my own. I’m starting over.

My leg has made it impossible for me to enjoy running. From a spiritual perspective, I can understand that running away from my fears won’t help me face my new challenges. In my case this has presented as a strained Achilles’ tendon. Spiritually, I have to get back to the basics in life and build a new foundation just as I am now physically building muscle in my left foot and shin to support my Achilles’ tendon. I am being offered an opportunity to go deeper and work out all the programming that tells me the ways in which I’ve been moving in life that are no longer viable. This has been a painful ordeal as I seek to better understand myself emotionally. In my physical body, I have discovered that using a spiked ball helps to relieve tension in my calf muscle. It is painful initially, but eventually the pain releases and I can walk more comfortably. I’m discovering small nuances about my needs in an effort to support the new vision for my life that is starting to take shape. For example, I check in with people to clarify their intentions whereas I used to make assumptions and take offense. In an effort to support my leg, I am learning to be diligent about stretching and taping my achilles before I attempt my daily workouts. I’m healing both in my heart and in my body. We are now moving in unison.

I wouldn’t have taken the time to go deeper if I hadn’t been prevented from running. I’ve always used running to manage my stress. Now I’m learning to face life head on, feel the anxiety of change and not look away.

A trip to 221 b Baker Street to engage the services of Mr. Holmes is not necessary to uncover the root of the dis- ease in your body. In order to get started, you simply need to become curious. What part of your physical body seeks your attention? What corresponding chakra is located there and what emotional issues are seeking resolution? What might you need to shift in your life to bring you better balance?

A heart issue might be pointing you in the direction of an inability to be vulnerable or express your emotions, such as grief. A sore throat might mean you’re holding back ideas that need to be stated aloud to those you live or work with. A shoulder issue could mean you are carrying burdens your spirit wants you to let go of or find others to share in the load, by asking for support.

You are the keeper of your mind and of your body. It is, and always will be your duty to care for who you are. We tend not to change things until we become uncomfortable. Can you think of a better way our spirit has of getting our attention in order to slow us down enough to create that change? “Elementary, my dear Watson!” …you had to know that was coming…

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