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Are you being called to purge?

Updated: Apr 2

Is there something stirring inside you that is needing new energy? If you can’t identify what it IS. Go for what it ISN’T. Notice in others what truly chaps your ass and you’ll have a starting point. That “thing” that they need to change in order for you to feel better is what you most need to acknowledge and own about yourself.

For example, if they are narrow minded and you can’t fathom excluding others in that way, look for your limits. You’ve got them. They may not come in the form of politics or religion, but they are there.

If you criticize others for the way they look or how they spend their money, then they are acting as your mirror. Are you happy with your appearance or do you feel abundant? If the answer is a resounding “not on your life,” then you’ve got your contenders!

Decide what you’re willing to gamble

What can you lose and still walk away feeling like a winner? It really is that simple. If this one aspect of your life could be different (and it can be) then how much are you willing to let go of in order to gain?

If you’re talking about “stuff” then give yourself the space to create categories like keep or toss. If you’re into strategies for saving money, then it’s more like is this a need or a want? Relationships may either be feeding you or depleting you. Are you picking up what I’m laying down?

Place your bet

Once you decide what you are going to purge, you can readily hold on to the idea that needs to be nurtured into existence. This is where commitment enters the equation. It’s easy to commit to anything you believe in. You’re letting go of the conflicting energy in the body by being “all in” on the positive aspect you are manifesting. No longer on the fence, it’s all gas and no brakes!

You know your health is important. If you feel that beating yourself up over your eating habits is keeping you depressed, then choose to find things to eat that will energize you! It isn’t a comfort food if it makes you uncomfortable.

If certain people feel toxic, then make the choice to surround yourself with those that lift your spirit. You might lament letting go of certain people, but not the bending and twisting you were doing to make life work on their terms.

If your space is cluttered, decide to let go of the things that no longer feel like who you are today. Hold the item in true Marie Kondo fashion and ask if it brings you joy (note present tense). If the answer is no, you feel heavy, or obligated then release the item. Thanking it of course for its service.

The Winning Ticket

The essence of manifesting is to notice the gap between what you want and what you do, think or feel. If there is a gap, then you are out of alignment with that desire. Once you are congruent in both heart and mind, all of your energy is flowing towards your goal.

You (and only you) have the power to create the life you want to live! With a resolution in both hand and heart, trust that this is your lucky year. Knowing how to work the energy really does even the odds!

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