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How Feng Shui Can Change Your Life

In my Feng Shui business, I have noticed over the years that when clients start changing their home environment they experience some type of change in their outer lives. There seems to be a direct correlation in seeing the world differently and experiencing it differently. One would not think that moving your bed or couch would start the domino effect leading to changing jobs or finding love, but somehow it does. What is that all about?

What’s your vibe?

When we change our homes by moving furniture, redecorating, or even renovating, we are changing how we feel in the space. We are making our needs in the space a priority and actively seeking ways to make the space work for us. We choose colors, fabrics, and furnishings that are reflective of our tastes and therefore strengthen our vibration by surrounding ourselves with that energy. Even reorganizing has an effect as it is stating a preference for how things need to be categorized for greater efficiency or arranged in mini vignettes to please our sense of aesthetics.  

What we are doing on an energetic level is increasing our frequency and shifting our perspective. By actively seeking ways to see our lives from a new vantage point, we increase our awareness of ourselves and automatically increase our natural frequency drawing to us those jobs and people that light us up! This will always move us forward in the game of life because it allows us to explore new themes and frees us from the stories we have been telling ourselves for decades.

A new twist

A tip to increase abundance in Feng Shui is to take an ordinary item and use it in a new way. This forces the imagination to consider new possibilities making way for fresh energy to flow into the space.  I took a hard rake, cut off three-fourths of the handle and screwed it to the wall to use it as a hanging rack for wine glasses. Seeing that one item used in such a fun way made me feel clever and creative! Each time it caught my eye; I increased my energy around my creativity. My new interest in transforming the ordinary gave way to my ability to use spaces in new ways. Empty areas between studs became shelves, and drawers for storage. Superfluous closets in one room were walled up and reopened in adjoining spaces to make niches for backpacks and jackets! The ideas and my ability to bring them to fruition continued to bless my life.  I perused magazines and watched home designs shows to generate new ideas for my home and lifestyle. By imagining what a space could be, I was able to align with people of like vibration that were capable of bringing my vision to life.

Roots in ancient wisdom

Feng Shui offers a system that incorporates the elements to balance a space. There is ancient knowledge of how that can be achieved using tools such as a compass and by considering the energy flowing in and around the home. For the average person hoping to increase their abundance it acts as a permission slip to design a space that they enjoy. Awareness around furniture placement produces a more relaxed environment. Using colors and textiles to increase the energy in active spaces such as in kitchens and ones that can calm the spirit in yin zones like a bedroom enables the space to set the tone. For most of us it comes down to a willingness to discover what pleases us and incorporate those ideas into our homes.

Wings in courage

Interesting enough, that also happens to be the way to increase the well-being in all aspects of our life. Most of us are willing to embrace these ideas in tangible ways when it comes to choosing the chairs we want to sink into to watch our favorite tv show, but we may struggle to practice these same concepts when they come in the form of situations that deplete our energy.

The basic ideas remain the same. Actively seek new ways to see your world. Allow that new understanding to set the tone of your experience. Go for the situations that allow you to relax and enjoy your world and let your joie de vivre be your guide.

View your limiting situations as walls in a room that you must either incorporate into your design or find support for removing them. When something catches your eye that inspires you by all means use that energy to your advantage! Count your blessings if it also happens to irritate you as that situation is showing you your limits. Approach frustrations with fresh eyes and ask yourself how you can use that information differently. As you try new approaches, your confidence will build and soon you will begin to attract new people and situations that will reflect a more compatible vibration. Kismet abounds as fascinating discussions, new tastes and explorations feed your newfound curiosity. It might look like moving a bed or a couch, but we know better, don’t we?

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