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What's a practical use of Feng Shui?


I woke one morning with the urge to purge. I felt compelled to declutter my bonus room. It is what I like to call a flex room. Here, things are stored, gifts are wrapped, weights are lifted, air mattresses are inflated. When we moved in, we used it for an overflow space until we could mentally deal with the items in those boxes. Now, eight months later, it is time to face the music. I ordered a few cabinets to control the chaos last fall, but since then the clutter started spilling out, creeping into the corners and climbing up the walls making that room my kryptonite.

Not wanting to go into a room in your home is always a red flag for me as a Feng Shui practitioner when I am working with a client. From an energetic stance the house is a living breathing entity. When we do not frequent a given space we are not utilizing the energy that room holds to support our life.


In Feng shui we consider the main floor to be the most relevant when doing a consultation. It reveals the principal energy flowing or not flowing in a person’s experience. Basements are important, but they only offer us information about a person’s past. If it is a hoarder’s paradise, then there are a lot of unresolved issues that are affecting a person’s present-day situation.

Second stories are also key as they enhance the first floor’s energy and give us a preview of the future. If those areas are tidy, they show a readiness to embrace new possibilities. My flex room happens to be situated over my garage in the back right corner on the bagua map. So, for me change was a comin’ in my love and marriage area.

This area on the Bagua deals with love relationships, female relationships, communication and internal organs. It is the most yin area on the map making it the Grande Dame of receptive and absorptive energy. We want this area to feel nurturing and safe. It is a great place for a bedroom, den, or any area that deep conversations can be had. We are looking for vulnerability and expansion as a result of connection. When we couple that information with my flex room’s location, it will not surprise you to learn that I am searching for friendships with women in my new community.


I immediately put all the things that needed to be housed in that space in the middle of the room. I removed what could be passed down to my boys, what needed to be trashed, and what could be donated. I stared at the pile that remained and searched online for the best way to store those items and maintain the integrity of the room. Once the additional cabinets arrived and were put together, it was time for the bins and label maker to work their magic! This gave me another opportunity to pare down what I would keep. If it could not fit into the container, it had to go! At last, my masterpiece was complete. A room with cabinets down the sides and enough space in the middle for me to do my “flexing.”


By only keeping the items that I was sure to use, I got clear on my needs. No longer willing to store items that have no purpose in my life, my space and I began to harmonize. I respected the limits imposed by the size of the containers and set boundaries with my habit of accumulation as a means of suppressing my emotions. Choosing containers that are atheistically pleasing ensures my sense of design will be infused into the space. It is powerful to feel your personal frequency in your home! I put the time and energy into creating a place that gives me room to move around freely and can flex in the future to meet my ever-changing needs.

This energy is what I am striving for in my collaborations with others. I want like-minded people with whom I can be transparent with my needs. I want us to have clear boundaries with one another to avoid confusion and hurt feelings. I want to build friendships with women that I respect and trust to advise me when I need perspective. I want friends with whom I enjoy spending time; birds of a feather and all! It is powerful to vibe with your tribe! It is vital that I have the freedom to be myself. I appreciate strong women that can extend grace as we mitigate life’s curve balls and are capable of allowing the relationship to transform, as we do.


We assume that when we feel inspired to do something in our lives there will be an outcome that is practical and logical. I believe that when we are inspired to do anything we are sensing the flow of energy within us and around us. We are taking actions based on how we feel inside. Much like a woman who is expecting a baby might nest, we all are making the physical space for our energetic ideas when we are ready to birth a new creation.   

All energy connects. What we sense and how we translate that energy leads to how we live. Using the energy tool of feng shui is like having a playbook to help us identify potential issues, align our efforts and move with the stream of energy carrying us through the winds of change.

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