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Time Travel Not Necessary This Year

Updated: Apr 2

I’ve always been fascinated with time travel starting back when I saw the movie “Somewhere in Time” starring Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour. If my imagination struggled to embrace this concept, the soundtrack alone could transport me to the love story unfolding on the big screen.

As an adult and energy worker I am confronted with the ways we explore this concept in our daily lives, and I have noticed that it can become most prevalent during the holiday season. “What in the world is this Tom foolery you speak of” you might be thinking? It’s tribal vibration, my friend and we all participate in it unless we are willing to put down the mask and pick up the talisman that serves to remind us of who we are today.

From Time to Time When we are born into a family, we learn that belonging to this group serves to keep us safe in the world. They teach us by wanted and unwanted experiences that in order to survive into adulthood there are certain ways we must behave in order to belong. Typically, those influences shape us into people and roles that serve and preserve the greater good of the family. We have archetypal names for these roles we assume like head of the family or patriarch, oldest or bossiest, youngest or baby, and the rebel or black sheep. Just reading these names alone has probably conjured up images that are transporting you back to your youth in this very moment. Groundhog Day Years later you are packing up your family and heading “home” to be with that tribe and amazingly your age goes from 50 to 10. Just like that, your opinion doesn’t matter. You are hoppin’ up and waiting on the men in your life when you know damn well, they are just as capable as you are to fetch the salt out of the kitchen. Or maybe you wait for your big sister to signal to you that it’s time to clear the table. Or how’s about you saunter into the living room to enjoy a little cognac while your mother starts washing the pots and pans? These “behaviors” are not criticisms, they are vibrational shifts, and they happen again and again when we move back into a dominate vibration. Energetically, high always trumps low. Strong always trumps weak. If you are not able to keep your balance you will be swept up in this transformational tide and you will reemerge as the kid from your past that will go to any length to keep the peace, be the best, or even the worst at the dinner table. Stranger than fiction How does one stay in their current vibration when so many are willing to wear the mask of their youth? Awareness. When you are aware of vibrational shifts then you are one step closer to keeping your balance. The goal here is to notice when you are tempted to move back into the old vibration and ask yourself why? Perhaps you’ve had a tough year and being nurtured by your mama feels too good to pass up. Maybe you like being daddy’s little girl because the glamour of running your own family has temporarily lost its charm as the kids have been on thanksgiving vacay for the last week. The goal is to be lovingly curious. We aren’t passing judgement, we are exploring.

Keeper of time You are the keeper of your mind and of your body. It is and always will be your responsibility, and yours alone to ensure that you are moving in the direction of your highest and best. Consider having a special object on your person during times when you feel you might be most vulnerable to time travel. This can look like a piece of jewelry, your new mantra written on a piece of paper you carry in your pocket, or even a blue scarf you wear around your neck to remind you to speak up when and if you need to. (blue being the color that resonates with the throat chakra) It’s as easy as excusing yourself to the restroom, looking in the mirror, using your item as a touchstone to transport you back to Nov. 25, 2021.

Back to the future Like Marty (Michael J Fox) you will be revisiting a past in which falling in love (only with young you) is now the priority. Hold compassion for the people and the ways in which you all participated in that dynamic and recognize that it no longer serves you today. Use your “DeLorean” to race back to the you now and hold steady. You’ve earned this moment. You get to decide that who you are is determined by your heart and inner guidance and it’s okay for others not to embrace this new you- shining ever so brightly. High trumps low (I know…harping) That means for the amount of time you can stand boldly in your authentic energy, you are the higher, stronger dominant force in the room. And with that knowing my friend, comes the opportunity for everyone around you to lay down their masks and feel, perhaps for the first time, what it means to be truly free.

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