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It's not the destination, it's the journey

My formal educational training started with a BA in French with a K-12 certification for teaching French. Early in my teaching career, my county lost the funding for my job, so I had to travel down a new path.

It was during this time in my life that I started studying Feng Shui after reading Karen Rauch Carter’s book Move your Stuff, Change Your Life given to me by my sister-in-law because she noticed that I moved my furniture around A LOT. I then got my Feng Shui certification with Tarah Kathryn Collins and the Western School of Feng Shui, where I learned about the elements and the depleting and nourishing energy cycles. All of my studies taught me how to bring balance to spaces and the impact that negative chi can have on a person, but it was my journey that revealed to me that my Feng Shui practice would grow to include more energy work, teaching, and mediumship.

After doing a good number of residential and business consultations, my confidence grew around my understanding of how energy flowed in a space. As I relaxed into my own rhythm during consultations, more information made its way into my consciousness. I noticed that as I walked through a home, I could feel patterns of energy in rooms throughout the house. The information came so fast and was so obvious to me that I soon began to gear my practice towards what I called intuitive consultations. For about two years, I stopped handing out banguas, and giving formal Feng Shui consultations, and started sharing this information about the patterns that stood out. I felt that if the source of the pattern could change, so too would the energy in the space. I found that my clients not schooled in the elements and the yin and yang of it all, were often confused at how exactly they were supposed to make sense of that information and that all they really wanted was a traditional Feng Shui consultation. I knew that I could not go back to the old way of doing my consultations, so I asked my guides for either a new direction or a new type of client.

With no prospects of different clients on the horizon or an immediate response as to how exactly I could integrate my expanded vision of Feng Shui, I decided to change my focus. I took note of what was grabbing my attention at the moment and investigated that. That happened to be mediumship. I began reading everything I could find on the topic and finding programs to learn how to conduct readings. I spent my free time reading for family members, friends, and the friends of my friends until I felt ready to add mediumship to my repertoire.  Armed with yet another way to perceive energy in a space I began allowing that information to be a part of my consultations. You see, the spirit world will use any means necessary to help us humans. If a person is unfamiliar with the spirit world, but still needs help in recovering from a loss or understanding the heavy energy in their home, a person with my skillset can be of assistance. My guidance tells me if and when I need to mention that there is spiritual energy present. Here is an example of just that:

Recently, one of my coworkers had a birthday and seemed to be ready for change in her life. I offered her a space clearing as a gift. I took my dowsing rods over and was checking the house for stagnant energy. My intention when working with my dowsing rods is that they cross, making an “x”, when I am in a low vibrational energy spot. They did so as if on cue the moment I crossed the threshold of her master bedroom. The minute I walked into her bedroom; my clair senses started communicating information to me. I heard the message “there is great sadness here.” I felt a connection to how she felt about herself and how she lived in the space. It was sparsely decorated which was a considerable contrast to rest of her beautiful and well-appointed home.

 I made my way into the bathroom when out of the corner of my eye I saw a spirit. It was an older man, who was stooped over, had a bit of a belly, was balding and wearing a suit. I was surprised to see him in the bathroom but remembered my manners and nodded to him to say “hello.” I instinctively felt he was her husband, and wanted to send her the message that it was time for her to be happy and then he indicated that the closet needed my attention. I went in there and felt very heavy energy. Outside of asking her to let go of some of her clothes, the closet was well organized so there was not a lot of advice I could offer her to alleviate the heaviness. When I cannot find a physical explanation for my discomfort, I look to my inner knowing to guide me. It is at this point that I must decide what I should mention to my client to see if they can shed light on what I am picking up on.

I made my way back to the kitchen and asked my coworker about her husband and then shared my description of the man in the bathroom, only to discover that it was indeed her guy! She mentioned that she was in a quandary as to what to do with his ashes that were currently being stored in her bedroom closet. She shared a bit of their tough journey together and I understood immediately why he showed himself to me. He wanted her to know that she is deserving of a beautiful space where her spirit can find respite. He was letting her know that their time together was in the past and she must sever her ties to that period of her life and now claim her sovereignty.

We never know why we train to be good at something, only to discover that it will grow, change, or sometimes end. Many people hang their hat on one achievement and never give themselves permission to see where their new passions can lead them if they are willing to go. I have spent a good amount of time lamenting endings in my life only to discover that somehow these endings lead to new beginnings that bring me more joy and a greater understanding of myself and others. Each new adventure serves me in the next endeavor I pursue. Our only job in this lifetime is stay flexible, tune into how we feel, and act on our passion when possible. This will take us on an adventure that we could not imagine, but one that we can definitely choose to live… if we are willing to endeavor the journey.

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