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Time to change your frequency?

Updated: Apr 2

When I tune into the spirit world, I do not sense every spirit that is in the spirit world. On an average day I carry a certain vibe that attracts like vibration to me, and this includes spirits. The spirits I sense when I am out and about have similarities to me that include my interests, hobbies, soul work, relationship issues etc. This is one reason a medium cannot guarantee who will come through during a reading. He/she can only attract like beings. So, how do mediums tune into a frequency different from our own in order to sense the loved ones of our clients?

I like to start with having my clients tell me why they want a reading. Not only does this clarify for me what they want to transform, but I am also using their voice vibration to draw their loved ones closer to them. Holding compassion for their challenges allows me to expand my energy to see the spirit standing next to them. Every detail I can sense attunes me to that spirit’s frequency.

This changing of frequency is something we all do incrementally every moment of every day depending on what we are confronted with in our daily lives. We carry a fairly consistent range unless something happens that shifts our focus monumentally moving us into a totally new vibration. This could be due to a crisis like an accident or a change in lifestyle like getting married or moving to a new place. Whatever we focus on has a bit of a domino effect: the parts of our lives that are out of alignment with that vibration start to break apart in order to transform or even come to an end.

Remember when our frequency changes, so too do our feelings of attraction to certain people or ways of participating in our lives. It’s a natural thing but it can be unsettling as we are aligning with the new vibe, so be prepared for that. We can read it as uncomfortable, but I’d rather substitute the word different as it tends to have a more positive connotation allowing us to mentally release our resistance. Our vibration from an energetic stance becomes our point of attraction. The frequency we tune into becomes our reality, very much like who I get to rendezvous with in the spirit world. This is very good information if we want to change the status quo in our lives to include new people and open up to new adventures. We can also change our vibe if we do not resonate with certain people. We can attempt to link into their energy by finding common ground. We may not become besties, but we can fixate on the common interests in order to create a workable dynamic.

Anything you want to experience requires a similar vibration in order to make that your reality. Get creative and find ways to explore that energy! Want your life to include traveling to France? Start by learning French, dining at French restaurants, googling images of France and imagining yourself there. Each connection you make to that energy brings it into your orbit. That statement carries a warning for unwanted experiences as well. Be mindful of where you place your focus. If you choose to spend your time contemplating scenarios that you do not want to live, recognize that the same law of attraction applies.

Keep your eyes (and thoughts) on the prize! The universe is the limit if you can adjust your frequency to align with any new experience. It does take some practice. Everything in the universe resonates. The question becomes, what are you wanting to resonate with, and are you willing to adjust your frequency in order to have it?

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