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Year of Abundance

Updated: Apr 2

Happy New Year! As we move into 2024, (2+0+2+4=8) we move into an eight vibration. According to astrologer Jacquelyn Tierney, this is the “energetic vibration of personal power, hidden power, shared resources, determination, material and financial gain, the pinnacle, recognition of work, lifestyle upgrades, rebirth and generation, and transformation." Did you get all that? Basically, themes of abundance or even the lack of it depending on how you are flowing your energy. So how do we ensure we stay in the black and far from the red? We care about how we feel.

Personal power and determination

Our purpose as human beings is to have experiences that bring up a wide range of emotions, so we get to choose how best to direct our energy. We want those highs and lows as they offer incredible opportunity for growth. Experiencing loss has value as it gives us fertile ground to plant new seeds of opportunity. We get to try on various situations in order to explore deeper parts of ourselves. Think back to any experience that challenged you. Doesn’t it feel like you were another person going through that catastrophic event? You were. Your energy was moving in a completely different pattern until the pain of the situation became so significant that you were forced to pivot into a new direction giving you an opportunity to connect with a part of you that you never knew existed. Now, looking back, you probably are hoping that you never have to be that girl again.

Hidden power and transformation

If you really explored that tragedy and all of the delicious parts you will say that you transformed your thinking.   What you believed to be true and what you now know is possible are on opposite ends of the spectrum. You just expanded your energy in the world. You now hold all of the people that experienced a similar circumstance in your arms as you walk through life connecting you to one another for eternity, or as long as you choose to resonate with that experience. You never knew the pain of their world before that moment and now sometimes even a sigh or certain look on their face is undeniably one you have seen too many times in the mirror. You are now energetically on the same wavelength with strangers. If you can anchor into others through loss…might it also be possible to hitch your wagon to their wins?

Rebirth and generation

This is the exciting part of change! This is the part that says, if I can create circumstances that force me dig deep and find my feet, then I can create situations in which I can sprout wings and fly! Yes. You. Can. Simply focus your thoughts and feelings on the triumphs and allow the current to move you in that direction. Find people that you admire doing the things in life you want do and note the similarities between you. That thought alone is enough to take you a few steps into the journey of their success. As human beings we are always seeking resonance with our environment. There will always be those high notes that take us out of comfort zone making our voices crack as we attempt to belt out the refrain. If we stay with it as our determination taught us to, we will make those songs our own.

The pinnacle

As you peruse your list of resolutions think about adding some time to daydream. Even five minutes a day spent trying on your possible futures gets that third eye chakra actively participating in your creations. Let your body weigh in on your decision by noticing its reaction. Are there certain scenarios in which your gut tightens or relaxes? Which options feel more natural and take your heart’s desire into account? Which ones have you holding your breath and bracing for the imagined consequences? As you let go of all of your excuses as to why you cannot have your dream, is the path to it more clear?

Life upgrades

Our output is always equal to our input. What we receive will always be in equal proportion to what we give. As you invest in your future via your thoughts and feelings be sure it is in keeping with the vision you hold for your life. Keep ease at the forefront and let those around you that choose to focus on hardship walk right by. You know from your journey to this point that you would make different choices in your past if you could. Allow that wisdom to guide you now in your present as you live this year of abundance. Namaste.

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