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Power: Where is it?

Updated: Apr 2

Power: when you feel like you don’t have it, it becomes your focus. Who likes to feel powerless? There are so many situations in which we feel like we are at the mercy of someone who can determine our time, our financial output, or our worth. What’s that about and how can we shift it?

Power is an interesting concept in that it is always with us unless we choose to give it away. Many of us would say that we feel like we often don’t have a choice in certain matters, but the universe sees it differently… your power is yours until you decide otherwise.

When we think about power we could probably equate it to choice. Where do I feel I have choice or no choice in my life? The key to turning the tides on powerlessness is finding where your choice is in a given situation and then honoring that you choose that outcome even if it is the lesser of the two evils. You might be thinking that there is little difference as the end result is the same, but in the energetic realm?

There is a world of difference!

Let’s say I walk into an ice-cream shop with a hankering for a scoop of pralines, my favorite flavor. They do not have it. I can be upset and disappointed and let that drive my experience for a while or I can go to plan B, some sort of chocolate. I would be happier with pralines, but I resign myself to the fact that it is not available. Because the chocolate is also pleasing, I enjoy the ice cream cone. As I focus on relishing this moment of splurging on a frozen treat this vibe becomes the directional output of my energy.

The more I appreciate that ice cream cone, the more positive energy flows to me and from me. That is the difference in recognizing that we have choice. I may not be getting my first pick, but if there is something about what I am choosing that I can say works for me, then the result energetically is flow. As long as there is movement of energy there exists the possibility to change things in my favor. When I am upset with all of the options and cannot see my way clear to anything that will suit me then resistance reigns. Where there is resistance, there is stagnation. The path has narrowed tremendously and that is now the directional output of my energy… nothing going out, and nothing coming in. In every situation there exists a possibility to find a win, but you cannot be looking through the lens of loss to see it. Step one is always to look at our situation and choose the best of the options we perceive we have at the time. Then we must find ways to appreciate that choice. Once we acknowledge that course of action as being in our best interest, we begin to allow new energy to flow into the mix and change the tides. I have a contractor that is not a good communicator. I cannot get answers to questions that would make the project run more smoothly. I recognize that I do have options, one being that I could fire him, but that might set my project back a few months. I believe that he does great work and really not having good communication with him is my only criticism. I do get extremely frustrated at not getting responses to my texts. As long as I remain in the energy of frustration with him, I will not appreciate his good work. The relationship will begin to deteriorate. He will feel that I have lost confidence in him, and he will naturally gravitate towards people and work that do. You can see where this thoughtform is headed. In order to regain my sense of power in this situation, I need to search for and define my choices. Instead of setting my sites on “communication or bust,” I choose instead to make my options “communication versus quality work.” I can live with limited communication. I cannot live with inferior work. Since I am appreciative of the quality of work, I choose to make lack of communication my concession. I am already starting to feel more empowered. So now the question becomes not how do I get him to communicate, but how do I make peace with radio silence? The focus has changed, and with it my point of attraction. I will not say that I don’t wish it could be different, because I do. But I do not get to decide for him or anyone how to direct their energy. I only get to decide how I will react to their decision. I now choose not to take his lack of response personally. Perhaps he is extremely busy seeing to all the details of my project. I choose to believe that if he could be better at communication, he would. This is simply not his forte. I choose to be grateful that he can oversee a big project and see to the tiniest of detail. Can you feel the frustration melt away as gratitude and appreciation make their way to my dominant vibration?

This is your work. This is where you have to confront your belief system in determining what is fair according to your moral code and how you can make peace with that selection. You will have to live with your choice. How that choice is supported or challenged all comes down to you. You always have options, even if you are not keen on any of them. By choosing the one you can work with and acknowledging you did in fact make that choice, you energetically open the energy around that issue. The energy of choice is part of your will center and affects your self-esteem, so when you tell yourself you do not have options, you lower your self-worth. Read that again… you lower your self-worth. When you choose an option that you may not be crazy about, but you can live with, you keep your power with you. When I am sitting in my newly renovated home eating some pralines ice cream I will not wonder if the work that was done was solid. I know that I do not have to speak to my contractor weekly for the rest of my life, but I do have to feel good about living in a well-constructed house for the rest of my days. I think I made a good choice, don’t you?

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