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Pendulum: Yes Or No?

Updated: Apr 2

A pendulum is a weight attached to a string that can be used in a spiritual practice for answering yes/no questions. I like to use gemstone pendulums because I enjoy having the property of the stone factor into my practice.

I have a rose quartz pendulum that I use for clarification around relationship issues. Rose quartz promotes healing through self-love. By using this stone, my decisions reflect how I feel and what I need in a given situation. Take time to research the different properties of the crystal pendulums to discover which stone resonates the best with your energy.

A pendulum is used as a tool by determining your yes and your no and then using that information to respond to a question or statement. To figure this out I urge clients to do the following: 1. Hold the pendulum in your dominant hand with your thumb, forefinger and middle finger. I learned this technique years ago. You can choose to put it in your non dominant hand if that works better for you.

By using two fingers and a thumb, you don’t grip the chain as tightly allowing it to flow more easily with the energy. I also brace my elbow so the pendulum can swing freely, alleviating the worry of my moving the weighted chain with my hand. 2. Make a statement in which you know the answer is true. For example, I would say: my name is Sabrina. Note the swing.

3. Make a false statement. My name is Bertha. Note the swing. 4. The true statement teaches you the swing of your yes and the false statement shows you your no.

If you are a beginner, your fear of getting it to work might interfere with your ability to get it to move. Hang in there! The more relaxed you are with your approach, the more readily the pendulum will move. So have fun with your true/false statements to alleviate any performance anxiety.

Once you have success in getting the pendulum to swing in one direction like clockwise for yes, then counterclockwise for no, it might confuse you if sometimes it then swings back and forth in response to certain questions or statements. Don’t panic. For me that is my spirit team’s way of letting me know there is not enough information yet to answer, or it’s a n’un ya, as in, none of your business Sabrina!

Here a few ways I use this tool of divination: I like to use my pendulum when I am working with my tarot cards and need to clarify the meaning of a particular card. If you are familiar with the tarot, you know that each card can have several meanings. Sometimes, it helps me to validate that my first impression is the meaning my higher self was going for. Let’s say I turned over the 9 of wands in a reading. It speaks to showing perseverance, but it also can mean defending yourself. If I am unsure, I ask: “Is the 9 of wands in this reading referring to my being persistent despite setbacks?” I watch for my “yes or no.” If I get a no, I will continue exhausting possibilities until I come up with the meaning (confirmation with a yes swing) that sheds light on that particular situation.

I also use my pendulum when I need to choose between several products. If I am buying supplements and want to know which brand to buy, I pull out my pendulum. I line the bottles up on the shelf and say (silently to avoid unwanted attention) over each one: “this product will serve my highest and best in regard to my physical health” and wait for a “yes swing” to determine which lucky bottle will make it into my basket! My pendulum is able to show me the health of each of my chakras by the vigor or lack thereof, of the swing. I simply hold the pendulum over the chakra and state my intention “show me the general health of my root chakra.” If the pendulum spins clockwise in a steady motion, I know that this chakra is open and working well. If it spins wildly, I take it to mean it is overactive. If it spins counterclockwise, for me that means it is underactive. If it doesn’t move, it is not getting sufficient flow and is closed.

You get to set up the rules of the swing and its meaning. The key to being successful, is being consistent. Once you have your formula, stick with it.

*It’s important to keep in mind that your energy reflects your thoughts and feelings. If they change, so too can the swing. Today, I might feel capable of meeting my financial goals, so my root chakra is flowing in a healthy way. Tomorrow, I could feel fearful that I can make ends meet so this chakra could develop blockages which will affect the swing. It isn’t that the pendulum is being wishy-washy. There is a change due to how I am participating with the external world through my internal dialogue, and the pendulum is offering me a visual for that shift.

Like the tarot, runes, astrology etc., the pendulum is a tool. It holds no power in and of itself. It works with your energy system. It is a fun way to bring the rational and intuitive side of your mind together. It’s an easy way to build confidence with your intuitive hits as it can validate those impressions. I recommend visiting a local spiritual bookstore and holding each one. Much like in a crystal shop they will often choose you, meaning you will be drawn to work with one in particular. Go with it! I’m asking my guides right now if you will enjoy the journey of learning to work with the pendulum and my pendulum is going berserk! (Clockwise, bien sûr).

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