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What's For You?

Updated: Apr 2

My new prayer or mantra these days is what’s for me. I decided on this phrase because I woke up one day realizing how stressful my life can become when I try to control my world in order to keep myself from experiencing any pain or rejection.

When my marriage ended, I made the commitment to myself that I would never again white knuckle my way in a relationship. I will only be in relationship with others that we both want, nurture and protect. So, if being me is a problem for the other person, I let go, freeing us both. I did not extend that thoughtform to any other part of my life until now! Crazy, because I know and preach all energy connects!

I recently made a push to renew my teaching license to revisit my love of teaching language. I started exploring the opportunities in my area. I felt overwhelmed as time has marched on since my days in the classroom. I started wondering if I would be good enough which then led to my feeling stressed. I lived in that negative place for a few weeks until I received the message one morning in meditation that I can simply ask the universe to show me what’s for me. My recent trip around Europe enabled me to work with a brilliant linguist. He inspires me to both learn and teach. Learning from him at times made me feel inadequate because when I considered his skillset and then compared it to my own, I dredged up old insecurities. I started reminding myself that I have gifts as well. I am here to work with people in my own way and with my own set of talents. Those people that can benefit from my methods and knowledge will be put on my path. I choose to trust that I will receive, what’s for me.

I would like to add a word of caution here: in my experience in healing homes with feng shui, anything out of alignment with your prayer for a better path will show up. So, people and situations that are not the best fit often come into your experience (right on cue) to show you how you have been attracting, until now! The choice then becomes yours to continue down that path or go in a new direction. If you did not know this tid-bit you might get confused and give up when confronted with untenable situations. This is your most fragile state of creation, stay with what’s for you and keep going. So how does this little mantra change things? It is a verbal request to bring the people and work that will resonate with your energy for your greatest good. If you are out of sync with these people or situations their energy will make you anxious or even tired. You could feel hesitant or uncomfortable around them. If this mantra is said consistently enough, there will be a stark difference in how you feel when you are interacting with someone in a toxic way. This may signal you in your physical body such as suddenly having digestive issues, headaches, or high anxiety. With this mantra there is an uptick in your energy increasing your sensitivity to your environment. Do not cling to the setbacks, focus on the potential.

What’s for me takes the guess work out of what’s showing up in your world. When new people show up, if your mood improves and you are enjoying your time with them, they are for you. If work opportunities arrive unexpectedly, they are for you. The same is true for those people and opportunities that do not show up. It only means you are being saved because you are not quite ready, or they are finishing something else up in order to make space for you in their life. One person may be wrapping up a career as you are preparing to enter the workforce. You needn’t worry about such details. The universe has got the timing all under control. We all get nervous when we make a lot of plans and none of them seem to get any traction. That is because we are only considering our logistics when we put those desires on a manifestation board. I would challenge you to center those dreams around what’s for you and see what happens next. There are a lot of moving parts in bringing people together that have a destiny to fulfill. Take a breath and trust that what’s for you will be the sword needed to cut through any Gordian knot plaguing you. There is no need to hold onto anything or anyone to keep your world intact as you are filled with sacred energy, and you can trust in your ability to shine. Let the light flow in you and emanate from you as you wield your power to create what’s for you in your life.

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