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"Told You So" — Sincerely, Your Intuition

Updated: Apr 2

Guidance can be very subtle. Finding ways to recognize and follow that guidance can be a timesaver. We hear stories about intuition saving people’s lives by helping them to avert danger, but intuition can serve us in small ways as well. Sometimes it’s about getting us into a flow to make our lives easier. Here is what everyday intuition can look like, if you’re willing to recognize it.

One morning I got up and began an internet search for a healthy nonalcoholic substitute for an adult beverage. After spending fifteen minutes learning what I could, I had to get to town to take care of several errands. I briefly thought about the beverage and a possible local store that might carry them, but then for whatever reason those drinks left my thoughts. As I made a running list in my head of what needed to happen, I planned my driving route. I had it all orchestrated beautifully. Every light green! Every stop effortless!

Each location was on the way to the next; one down, two down, take a left at the next light. I was golden! As I waited at the stop light, I remembered the store in town and the healthy drinks. I was ahead of schedule. My last errand included picking up my dog from the vet, and they closed at 12:30 for lunch, so I felt a little anxiety as I moved over into the right lane to turn back towards town to get to the store that might have those drinks. I parked and walked in and began my search. Rien, nada, zippo. My higher self had me going in the right direction, which was precisely why I was flowing easily with my previous stops. The anxiety that I felt was my resistance because I was intuiting that that detour would be fruitless. However, my logical mind intervened and insisted I check it out. Now I was running late!

Later that day, I was working in my office, my mind wandered to my insurance plan. I had to switch plans recently and thought I had taken care of all the paperwork. I felt that I needed to speak with my agent and verify that everything was tickety boo. After our conversation I started to feel uneasy. I noticed she missed details and seemed rather scattered each time we spoke. When I thought about my exchanges with her, I felt heavy inside. Getting all the details for my 2022 policies straightened out felt like pulling teeth. I felt like I was constantly having to nag her to get things accomplished. I felt relief when I thought of working with someone new. I prayed and asked for guidance. I researched on the internet and found an office close by and noted that they opened at nine. I decided to be there the very next morning right at nine rather than risk being told I would need to make an appointment. I don’t normally utilize pressure tactics to accomplish my agenda, but there was a sense of urgency I couldn’t explain.

All morning I moved with that intention. Then came the wardrobe challenge. What outfit would say, I’m strong and independent and in need of your help? I lost track of time. Oh well, I thought, I will just wait and call to make an appointment like everybody else. When I did, a gentleman answered and informed me that they don’t make appointments, it’s first come first serve. My feeling earlier was correct to be there when they opened the doors, and once again my logic interfered!No need to taunt me, higher self, I’m starting to get the gist of this! We met and he answered all my questions. What a godsend (praying works)! Seriously, no stone unturned, including the knowledge that my boys’ dental insurance had been cancelled in March and they had upcoming dental appointments! Had I not felt the urgency of meeting with someone and going over all my policies, I wouldn’t have found that error and taken steps to rectify that situation.

When we get ideas and feelings and ignore them, we make our lives a little harder. When we follow our instincts, those ideas prove to be timesavers! Nothing monumental happened, but my life worked better when I was tuned into my inner guidance, and it cost me time and energy when I ignored it. This is intuition. I share these small details of my life to give you a sense of how your guidance system can work in real time. When you see the ways in which you are being directed and follow those inner directives you strengthen your intuition. As you learn to trust your instincts, you make better decisions for yourself. Those choices will begin to align you with your life purpose. Basically, if you can’t hear and integrate the small stuff, how do you recognize and trust the big stuff? Let each day be an opportunity to prove yourself right. Go ahead, relish in being your know it all!

“If the single man plants himself indomitably on his instincts, and there abide, the huge world will come round to him.”-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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