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Updated: Apr 2

Have you ever ended a bad relationship with someone and given them back their stuff shortly thereafter because you cannot bear to look at it, much less wear or hold the items? Have you ever walked into an antique store and walked right back out because all of the bric-a-brac overwhelmed you? Perhaps you like to wear Grandma Pearl’s old garnet ring with pride whenever you have an important event to attend? You remember her as a classy lady and when it is on your finger, the pride she took in her appearance somehow melds with yours making you a badass in heels!

If you answered yes to any of these questions you are sensitive to energy and feel how things vibrate. Yes, all things hold a vibrational frequency. Some people are exceptionally good at sensing that frequency. How we feel when we hold or are around that vibration can tell us a great deal about the person or people who owned it.

Psychometry is holding an inanimate object and receiving insights or impressions about the owner. I don’t have a lot of experience with this, but I’ve had good results when I’ve tried. Recently during a seminar each member of our group put a special item into a basket. The basket was then passed around the classroom and we took something out of it. I grabbed a ring but held it tightly in my hand and wrote down everything that flowed into my mind without looking at it. My initial impressions were a cross and the name Mary. I was then shown a memory of myself sitting in a cathedral in France and watching L’Abbe Guillaume vested in stole and chasuble walk down the aisle. He was a priest that I met during my stint in Angers, France after I graduated from college. Although I am not Catholic, I love sitting in French cathedrals and contemplating life. Lastly, I heard the line “Tell me…are you a Christian child?” And I said, “ma’am, I am tonight” from the song “Walking in Memphis” by Marc Cohn.

When I opened my hand, I was holding a lace ring with a cross in the center. The owner? A fellow classmate: a devout Catholic who feels deeply connected to Mother Mary. I never stroked the ring to get a sense of the cross. I kept it tight in my palm until the information stopped flowing. It was spot on. Way to go spirit team! Notice how I was given the information. If I had only been given a cross, I would have thought Christian, but wouldn’t have said catholic. The Catholic portion was important to my classmate. My team of guides gave me the only bit of experience I have with the catholic religion, which was my priest in his clergy apparel and me in the cathedral. I knew with that information I was to say catholic …specifically.

This is how your guides will work with building a language with you. They can read in your energy every experience you have ever had and will use that information to convey ideas to you. The song, I feel was given to drive home the importance of religion. By emphasizing the notion of religion through my clairaudience I knew that her faith plays a major role in her life.

This is a fun way to practice and develop your intuitive skill set. By choosing a special item to add to the mix, the energy of the object is heightened making it easier to glean information. I recommend writing down everything you pick up on. Some of it may make sense, some of it may be discovered later. Not being able to place the information at the precise moment it is given doesn’t make it invalid, as the guy who

I put a tiny sculpture of a crow given to me by my boys in the basket in class. It usually lives on my altar, so it has really good vibes! He received the following:

“I see a cup of coffee and a candle. It is dark outside. There is a picture of this item hanging in the room. I also see a lion statue.”

I could almost take all of that as we say in the biz! That means, I could almost place all of that information making it accurate. I meditate early in the morning, when it is dark. On my altar is a candle and I am typically holding a cup of coffee in my hand first thing when I go into my meditation space. I couldn’t place the picture of the crow. The lion? No idea.

Well, several weeks later I get a message to look for the crow picture hanging on the wall in my office. Crazy, I thought, as I don’t have a picture of a crow, yet I marched up to my office and scanned the walls again. And there it was: a small drawing of a crow on a card hanging on a pinboard on my wall, given to me by my beloved. I never thought to look for anything other than a framed picture. The lion I’m not really sure about. Possible meanings could be my being fierce or strong. Or even that one of my sons that gave me the crow figure is a Leo.

Getting accurate impressions and having them validated in the moment will build your confidence. Getting a miss is part of the process. Your team is noting how well you do with each of your Clair senses and is adjusting, just as you are expanding your understanding of the spiritual language you are building with them. Psychometry is a fun way to get your creativity to join forces with your inner knowing and deepen your understanding of a person simply by holding an object laden with their energy. Try it with a partner or a group of friends. Make sure the object is one you know the history of, as it would be frustrating to get a lot of information about Grandmother Pearl, if it couldn’t be validated. Take the object into your non dominant hand, close your eyes and start writing or saying anything that comes to mind. No trick, no gimmick, just some good old fashion fun!

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