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Are You Meeting or Exceeding Expectations?

Updated: Apr 2

So, was Christmas everything you imagined it to be? Did you enjoy the gatherings and smatterings of family events? Perhaps you dreaded certain interactions only to find, you were right and next year you will definitely do things differently! Did the people and holiday traditions live up to your expectations? I am going to go out on a psychic limb here and say that they did. Do you want to know how I know?

Your thoughts are not merely ideas that originate in your mind. Thoughts are floating all around us at all times as they consist of energy. The ones that actually penetrate our being are the ones we align with vibrationally. As we experience them by giving them meaning they become a part of our reality. We also have the ability to project our energy into the future and experience an event before it happens. As we orient ourselves to the energy of that event, we bring it to us. This energy comes first incrementally as ideas that flicker through our minds, but then as we choose to believe those mental images as being true for us, we attract the event or some version of it in full force.

This is how I know that those of you that dreaded spending time with your aunt that drinks too much, once again had to tolerate her slurred speech and nonsensical memories. Or that some of those lucky guests, the ones that never seem to notice one or two people do all the work in the kitchen before AND after the meal, continued to be oblivious to your passive aggressive hints. It is also how I know that those old timers that enjoy sitting around sharing stories will continue to captivate their audiences with their gifts of storytelling as their loved ones mouth the details along with them. We can feel their happiness, as we watch their faces soften with the memories of their youth and we too smile as they relive them.

Everything, and I mean everything is a form of energy. As we intertwine our beliefs with that energy, we experience that circumstance, so however you imagined the events of your Christmas must be what manifested. The “some version of it” part is the amount of certainty you had about the people or situation. If you knew for a fact that you would be left with the dishes, you probably were. If your comments solicited help, then this year you were clear in your thinking that you deserved support or you were able to imagine yourself doing other things with your time.

As creators this is good news! It means that as we break with 2023 we can imagine a new way of living life. The goal is to understand when should we create with our energy, and when should we process our thoughts. The difference in timing is the difference in the experience.  This is why energy workers tout the power of the now. Each thought you are thinking in your present, is creating your tomorrow. When you are relaxed and feeling good about yourself, muse away! When you are unsettled or agitated, get to the source of your fear. This is not the time to imagine various scenarios in which you are trapped, abandoned or alone. This is the time to reflect on what beliefs you hold that would allow those situations to be possible for you. As you consider that it is your limiting beliefs that make those scenarios feel plausible, you can choose to stop flowing your energy towards them and find more powerful thoughts to flow into.

That really is all there is to know about manifesting in our world. When we recognize that it is how we perceive what is happening that determines what we continue to experience, then we can open up to different outcomes. Just leaving that little bit of space to wonder, leaves our certitude well couched, bringing a bit magic into our life. Feeling the need to blame others gives our power away to them lessening our ability to create in our reality.  By taking quiet moments to process how our beliefs support the situation we find ourselves in, we release ourselves from the power it holds over us. We can then find more space to imagine a new and different outcome, or maybe even ask the universe to surprise us with an outcome we could never imagine!

Someone told me on numerous occasions that I would be hard pressed to find a man as good as him. He counted on my fear of being abandoned or worse, being unlovable, to keep me in an untenable situation. Each time he said that a voice within me would say, “That is not true, there is someone out there that will cherish and adore you.” That is the belief I held onto in my darkest of times. This year I spent my third Christmas with the love of my life and my sons, in our new home. I live in a new town surrounded by great neighbors in a new state not far from my new job. As I marvel at all the “new” in my life, I realize that I could have believed that I was not enough or that my old life was all that life held for me. But instead, I sent my energy into the future to search for more. Not a certain face mind you, but a feeling of being happy, loved and appreciated.

Where in your life do you hold a belief that is keeping you tied to a situation that is unhealthy or stifling? What ground hog day experience needs to end? You are the keeper of your mind and of your body. You have the power to think of any situation as one that is serving you and then find out how it does. When you know what purpose it has, decide that you are free to learn other things and then let some of those things be easy and enjoyable. You deserve to be happy, and when you believe that and think thoughts that support that, you will be.


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