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How To Know If You're Surviving Or Thriving

Updated: Apr 2

I took a whirlwind tour of Paris over the summer that included an introduction to their transportation system. We traveled by car, bus, metro and even walked to explore the city of lights. Although I could not see myself living in such a big city, I did appreciate the energy of it for a short time. Well, with maybe an exception or two.

I can clearly see the scene of people pressed up against the windows of the metro as the train slowed her approach to our station, opened her doors and, like snakes in a can, people popped out to make their way to work. I have often wondered how that type of daily commute might affect people’s lives. How exactly do you transition from the energy of a chaotic subway ride to being on your A game at work?

I have never appreciated constant hubbub. When my sons were little, we called it getting people tired.If someone said they were people-tired, we all instinctively knew they needed some time alone. They would climb a tree, play in their rooms, or curl up in bed to watch their favorite show. They would find something that allowed their energy to come back into balance by creating enough space mentally, emotionally and physically to heed their inner voice.

Living in a city environment this past year required me to forego my inner directive of being people-tired and replace it instead with trying to resonate with the vibe around me. My efforts to sync with the city quickly depleted my reserves and the tentacles of restlessness reached into all the areas of my life forming a watertight seal around my body.

When you picture adventures in life, you can never fully appreciate the energy that it takes to travel down that path. It really was not until this last go-round that I realized without a doubt, I am not a city gal. I can appreciate those that are — this is not a criticism — but more of an awareness that my energetic makeup does not dovetail with hustle and bustle.

We recently moved out of our city loft and into a small house in a quaint little town. At first, I noticed that I did not brace for the 7 a.m. leaf blowers or close the windows to avoid the music that used to blare all evening long in the old place. I started looking forward to night sounds, and really no sound at all. One might think I would have slept for many moons, but my system had different ideas. I started sleeping fewer hours, popping out of bed ready to tackle my day! As I checked things off of my to-do list, I noticed I had more space to be creative. As my creativity increased, so too did the energy I took to school. My showing up with more enthusiasm shifted the reaction of my students, engaging them in my now more interesting lessons….and on and on it goes.


*A decrease in energy levels with no desire to take care of our physical body. We might gain weight during this time which can further affect our self-esteem.

*Constant fatigue and/or depression. When the physical body sleeps, our resistance decreases giving us some relief. We instinctively know to do this as we search for a way forward.

*An increase in our attraction to comfort foods which are typically heavy and lower in vibrational frequency (rich and sweet). We are attempting to ground our energy and feel safe.

*We are looking for ways to distract us from our reality, so we check out with any and all forms of addictive behaviors.

*We can often feel hopeless as we are unable to connect with the third eye chakra, that area between the brows that seeds our future.

*We feel alone. When we cannot find compatibility with our environment, we detach. This disconnect is felt by others who respect the ‘keep out’ sign we are energetically posting, and they steer clear of interactions with us.

*Our anxiety increases as our energy field decreases. When we contract our energy, our physical body tenses creating less room for our energy to move. This environment is perfect for dis-ease. We might notice a few aches and pains. If this settles in the legs and feet, it is signaling your struggle to move forward. Heart issues are alerting you that you are pulling up your drawbridge and battening down the hatches. Neck issues? Well, it’s not easy to look around for a new avenue when you struggle to move your head is it? Your body knows.

What can we do thrive instead?

We start by making the time to connect with our spirit and follow her prescription to healing. She is aware when your environment — including place, people and the work you do — is not suited to your vibration. She also happens to be connected to the bigger plan of finding the people and places that can help you to recalibrate.

Choose to silence the voice that tells you “It’s not possible.” It is your mission in life to find happiness, and in order to complete that mission you have to be in a place and with people that allow you to expand your energy in order to cast that wide net of opportunity. How will know if you are on the right path? Take another look at the list above and locate their opposites. Those are feelings you want to savor. And when you do, sister, your roots will deepen and so too will your connection to this world and your place in it.

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