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How to Get in Touch With Your Guardian Angels

Updated: Apr 2

My introduction to the esoteric world of spirituality came via my mother in my late teens. She took me to a psychic name Suzanne. I had no knowledge of the tarot and was amazed at Suzanne’s ability to utilize the symbolic images on the cards to gain access to the details of my relationships. My mother also gave me the book "Where Two Worlds Touch" by Gloria Karpinski. Her work centers around helping people to understand changes in life as a spiritual rite of passage. Two worlds? Who knew?! Much like Dorothy needing to meet the Wizard in "The Wizard of Oz," I became determined to follow my yellow brick road and lift the veil between Heaven and Earth.

My first real moment of hearing who I would later come to know as my guardian angel,happened as I was leaving France in 1993. I had fallen head over heels for a Moroccan man that I knew I was destined to marry. So, imagine my surprise when making my way to my gate in the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris and hearing the words “you will never see him again.” We had just said our goodbyes and discussed his visiting me in the States at the end of the summer. What a crazy notion, never seeing him again! I don’t remember questioning who said it, I just remember thinking “I’ll prove you wrong”. I didn’t. True to that prediction, I’ve never spent a moment with him since that day.

This led to several more messages always at critical times in my life. Often, the messages were directives that I dutifully followed, leading to heart breaking discoveries about people that I trusted. Why would my guardian angel intervene at precisely these times? As my life was changing course, he signaled to me that it was time to listen to my spirit and that he would be there to help me through the chaos that would soon follow.

You see, when I was completely broken down and all my pieces were scattered around me, I was willing to surrender. Until I reached those moments of crisis, I thought I didn’t need help, so I didn’t ask for it. This is how it works folks. We all have what’s called free will, meaning the power to run our own lives as we see fit. In order to open to the loving guidance of the angels, you must be willing to surrender your will. How you think the situation needs to go must give way to the higher purpose that is in divine order for everyone involved. Your angels are always with you. They love and adore you. They interact with your spirit, so they see your true light. No matter the choices you make and the consequences that follow, you are never abandoned by them. They are messengers of God and will always be with you to love and guide you. They join your energy when you are born, they continue to guide and protect you through life, and then they walk you home when your time on earth has come to an end. A closer look: The messages I hear are not with my physical ears. I use my psychic hearing known as clairaudience. I did not develop this skillset in one fell swoop. I’ve honed it over the years. I tested the information, and still do to some extent. I started keeping a journal to have written proof of the messages and their validity in my life. I ask for guidance in certain areas of my life and then weigh the information that comes through in my body to feel if it resonates. The messages are always centered around my power or choice in a situation. Sometimes I am guided to act and sometimes it’s about letting go of a pattern or mindset that I have outgrown. I am offered an understanding surrounding a new concept and then given opportunities to integrate that “lesson.” The more willing I am to shift my perception, the more information that comes through. I’m never given an end game as there is too great a gap in where I am and where I am heading (vibrationally speaking) so, I am simply given the next step. Each piece leads to greater awareness. Does everybody have one and how do you connect into that energy? Yes! And sometimes more! They are God’s promise to us that we are never alone. Their energy is so closely linked with ours that distinguishing their vibration takes a little practice, but it is doable!

Fastest way? Pray. Your prayer work will raise your vibrational countenance, and that aligns you with their energy. You might feel emotional as though you are going to cry. This is your heart chakra expanding as you’re feeling their energy join with yours. You might even feel goosebumps. There is always a feeling of peace associated with the angels.

Is it necessary to believe in them in order to be protected by them? No. If you never uttered a “thank you” for the countless times they’ve nudged you in certain directions, it wouldn’t change their love for you. Unlike conditional love we humans practice, unconditional love is just that…unconditional. No matter what, they got you!

Why do bad things still happen if we have guardian angels? Free will enters here. And so too does the journey of our growth and expansion on earth. From a human stance, anything that causes pain is bad. From a soul perspective, pain precedes growth. Life is about becoming conscious by waking up energetically in order to co-create our life with the universe. We all experience challenges. These are not indicative of our being bad or deserving of punishment. Sometimes the choices we make have negative consequences and as we learn to cope with those circumstances and grow through them, we deepen our understanding of ourselves. When we are brought to our knees, we tend to find our feet.

How do I cultivate a relationship with my angels? The spirit world communicates with us through our intuition. So, to get better at sensing their energy, you must get better at sensing yours. Understanding how you feel and learning to trust your instincts is part of this process. If you don’t have a healthy sense of self, then your natural inclination is to abdicate your power to the strongest source around you. Your angels are high vibrational beings, and they would never seek to take your power, nor will they guide you to seek the power of others. Their guidance will always center around helping you to find ways to become self-empowered. Having healthy self-esteem allows you to develop the inner confidence needed to act on the intuitive insights you’re given by your angels. This type of living in which you trust that all is happening just as it is supposed to is not for the faint of heart. There is no going back to playing small when you make the choice to shine your light.

If this inspires you to ask for guidance in your moments of despair, great! If you’re happy just knowing that you’ve got an A-team by your side, fantastique! If you roll your eyes and think… “yeah right”, that works as well!

High vibration trumps low vibration, that’s the universal Law of Perpetual Transmutation. The angels will not stop working on your behalf bringing you as much love and guidance as you are willing to let in because you choose only to trust your five senses. They will enlist any available source to help you on your path. All that’s required is that you love yourself. For the second, minute, hour, lifetime that you can do that, you are remembering that you are a gift to this world and folks…we really need you.

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