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Heal Thyself: Part Two

Updated: Apr 2

You will remember that I left off last week with sharing my understanding of vibrational energy. Particularly, how it relates to communicating with the spirit world. Healing any area of our life can benefit from the same understanding of frequency.

Going to healers with the expectation that it is their responsibility to make us better is setting us up for failure as it disempowers who we are as beings. No one outside of us has the power to create or destroy in our world. Relying on someone in that way gives our power of free will over to them. However, going to a healer with the expectation that they can access a higher frequency energy that we can then tap into, ensures that we will receive whatever blessing we need to move forward in our recovery.

The journey through dis-ease can hold interest for the soul. There is a very real power struggle taking place on both a conscious and subconscious level. By examining our fears, we learn what beliefs we hold around any illness and we can then decide if we want to transform them, or if we want to continue to experience the illness. We as souls want to understand how we create our experience in this world.

Because some of us believe that the only way to truly understand our power is to create something challenging and then surmount the challenge, we need that experience. We also may need the illness to experience being cared for by others. We may want to understand helplessness or fragility in a way that serves our soul. Our dis-ease might be a gift to others in our lives so they can learn how to transform their feelings around feelings of powerlessness. It is never the healer’s role to presume to know the outcome, only that if it serves the higher purpose of the soul for their human body to completely recover, it will.

If you are struggling with any dis-ease, ask yourself what you might need from the experience. Does it give you an opportunity to receive love and attention from others? Does it force you to put yourself first in your life? Does it cause you to move cities or leave people just to survive? If you choose to engage with western or eastern practitioners of medicine, do you truly believe that you can recover through their course of treatment? Are you willing to embrace the higher energy they are capable of accessing? Is there any part of you that is willing to let go of the need to struggle in order to accept well-being into your life?

You will attract those you believe can help you to get what you most want.   The “what you most want” is the part I challenge you to own. What is the underlying motivation for your current situation? If you are willing to examine your fears and any rigid beliefs you hold, you will find those capable of supporting your illness or your recovery. It is all for you, so choose what feels the best. It is never a one and done. You have the power to choose differently at any moment. Your job is only to be sure that you are harmonizing with the state of being that you want to hold. Remember, you are the keeper of your mind and of your body.

Hardship is not a prerequisite to soul growth. It is a path, but not the only path. If you take time each day to move towards your passions, you will be in resonance with your natural rhythm and therefore attract opportunities that are meant for you to increase your excitement about life. I believe you are worth it, do you?

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