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Find Your Words. Find Yourself.

Updated: Apr 2

Words have power. What makes them powerful is that they express our thoughts and connect us to others. From an energetic stance, it is a form of manifestation. Taking the energy from the etheric and bringing it down to the earth plane is creation at its purist. When we speak, we are casting a spell of sort as we state our intention to the universe. This works for us when we are speaking about things we want to experience, and against us when we are saying things we never hope to live.

Words can also be limiting. They do not always accurately capture the true intent of what is seeking expression. We can have feelings and knowing’s about people, places or ideas that we cannot fully convey through our speech. Journaling can be one path to discover the true essence of our thoughts by getting to the core of what is happening in our hearts. Journaling offers a safe place to open up to the influences of our past and uncover how we relate to ourselves in ways that perhaps participating in daily life might overlook. By writing about well, anything, we gain greater insight into how our choices are affecting us.

stuff + nonsense

As we start writing freely about what’s on our mind, we get out of our head the “garbage” that’s been floating around with no real purpose. These are often to do’s, don’t forgets, and mulling’s over previous exchanges with others. Note the future and the past are getting emphasized. This dumping of thoughts is a clearing out that enables us to create a little space for what is really needing our attention…being present with ourselves.

a humdinger

At this stage of the game, you might get a new idea, or bring into focus a situation that is really bothering you. By writing about how you feel you start connecting into your heart. This is the place in the body that your spirit can join you. As you open to your guidance, your creativity starts to flow and much like a raging river, a new idea or desire will rush over you taking you to a place you never knew existed. You might feel exhilarated or scared shitless, but you have no choice: you must go anyway. That small quiet voice within is speaking louder now and somehow you sense it’s time to listen.

NOT The End…

Journaling can be used to show you your limits and your dreams. As you write the words that do and don’t describe how you feel, you end up finding clarity and making peace with your life. You can read your words silently or aloud, and as you do, your reaction to your words will tell you all you need to know about yourself in that moment. Your life is always a reflection of your thoughts and feelings. If you find you do not enjoy the life you are living, then use your words to guide you to create the life you dare to live….

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