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In Need of Change?

Updated: Apr 2

Do you remember the 1960s game “Operation?" Cavity Sam lays on an operating table with various cavities exposed, holding plastic pieces that need to be removed. All that is required is a pair of tweezers and your fine motor skills to heal this poor chap! If you can successfully remove the plastic piece without touching the walls of the cavity, you win the money associated with the cost of the surgery. If not, his big red nose buzzes and lights up so bright, it puts Rudolf to shame.

Conflicted energy in the body has a similar path to Cavity Sam’s. The source of pain or conflict must be identified and extracted before we hit pay dirt. From an energetic stance, dis-ease in the body begins with a battle between the head and the heart. Our spirit wants us to go one way, and our beliefs dictate we go another. If we allow the voices outside us to influence the decisions we make or the direction we take, we disempower our being, and our physical body picks up the tab.

When we are in jobs we don’t enjoy or with people that drain us, our spirit guides us towards more nurturing situations. We want to feel connected to people and places that make our hearts sing, and jobs that utilize our unique skill sets and talents. As we start adding “have tos” and “musts” to these life situations, our vibrational countenance begins to lower. Low vibration suppresses our immune system, making us more susceptible to dis-ease in the body.

How to play? Start stripping down like ole Sam and be prepared to look at your situation as though your life depended on it, because it does. Year after year of subjecting yourself to people and places that drain your energy will create the perfect breeding ground for negativity thus lowering your overall vibration including your health.

So, take a page out of Hasbro’s book and start looking for ways to enjoy your life. Notice how you feel when you’re at work or spending time with friends. If you walk away feeling like you need a drink or a nap, chances are that’s not a healthy fit. Start finding those situations that energize you and offer those belly laughs! Don’t wait until your situation becomes dire, like Sam’s, before making changes in your life. Recognize that it’s your turn every day to decide how you want to live.

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