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Feng Shui Consultations

"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again & again."

Joesph Campbell

If you're ready to embrace transformation, I offer Feng Shui consultations for both the home + business environments, in-person or virtually. The time spent with me will give you a solid foundation to build on during various stages of your life. A virtual tour is just as effective as an in-person session with the added bonus of being able to work together from afar. 


During a personal session, we will discuss your objectives and create a plan for a more nurturing home for you, family, pets + guests.


Business consultations will be centered around objectives related to organization, communication skills, customer service + and employee well-being. This can also include discussions around building trust with the community if your industry is reliant on local business.

Feng Shui Packages

My role as an intuitive designer is to show you how your space can best support you and your needs + visions.


I recognize that you are the expert of your life.

You understand your family dynamic, or your business needs + how you want people or yourself to feel in these spaces. 


Using my extensive knowledge of energy work + the principles of Feng Shui, I do not tell my clients how to change their spaces; I empower them with the energy concepts that can align them with the life they want to live.

Feng Shui Packages

The goal of my packages is to bring balance + harmony into your home or business. 


During a session we will start by discussing any resistance you might be expressing relating to the topic at hand to better understand if you are holding any harmful energetic patterns in place. We will then take this a step further and look at the energy of your physical body and focus on the chakra relating to the specific emotional area we are transforming in the home.  

By addressing the physical, mental + spiritual body, we are reinforcing your ability to

attract the nurturing energy of these areas into your life.

In a hurry? Send in your floorplan after you book, I’ll let you know which rooms I need pictures of and craft your report within 48 hours via email. Couldn’t be easier to get some support in shifting the energy of your home! *Indicate this option at check-out.


This 60-minute session focuses on your ability to attract and maintain resources above meeting your household expenses. We call this the lucky duck space, meaning the area of the home that allows you to indulge in your passions!

Love + Realtionships

This 60-minute session focuses on relationships of all kinds. It is the most yin area of the home and therefore directly affects motherhood and all female relationships. This session also considers the physical body's ability to hold + extend trust. 


This 60-minute session focuses on how you move your energy out into the world demonstrating your skills and talents. It is the transitional space from the outside world into your inner sanctuary.  What happens in this space sets the tone for the entire house.  It is where the majority of the energy enters your home and circulates to nurture all of the spaces.

Full Home or Business Consultation

This 90-minute session is geared towards total healing and transformation.


All areas affect each other and by sussing out any restrictive energy flow we change how those spaces feed into the feeling and function of the home. By looking at the entire space we can change and improve the overall energy of your home.


This is the most comprehensive of the feng shui plans and can be done in person (if locally located) or by zoom. By interacting in real time, I can answer all of your questions and teach you how to use your style of design to harmonize your home. The consultation includes a report of all of my remedies for bringing your home back into alignment as well as any additional handouts that might help you better understand how the energy moves in your home and affects your well-being. 


During this consultation, I gain a solid understanding of how you use the spaces in your home + how you feel about your home. No later than 3 days before the scheduled appointment I ask for an accurate floor plan of the home or business.  I will email you a bagua prior to our meeting, the Chinese map to determine where individual rooms are in relationship to the emotional areas of your life, that will allow you to follow along with me during our session. Within 3 business days of our session I will email you with my recommendations on changes you can make in order to bring your space into balance.

Buying + selling a home is different from living in a space.


When we are buying a home we all want to make good choices with our budget, and when selling a property we want to disconnect our energy from the place so new buyers can feel their vibes in the space. These sessions can either help you identify the needs of your family so you can quickly determine if a particular house will be a good home for you or I can help you streamline altering the space to open it up for potential buyers.

These consultations generally take 2 hours for the walk-through + additional time to craft your unique report.

The consultation for a virtual evaluation + a written report is $350.00
The consultation for a full in-home evaluation, a written report + space clearing is $450.00

Selling a Home

If you are thinking of selling your home this 90-minute consultation is a must!

When it comes to getting your asking price the law of attraction factors in.


Your home carries an energy and that energy attracts buyers that have the same energy. Your home also may contain energy leaks that lower the overall point of attraction of your place. These leaks may contribute to a weird vibe that people feel but can’t name. Maybe people don’t know why they can’t relax in your home, but it is often linked to an imbalance of the elements or an energetic leak letting all the good vibes flow out of the space! This lower energy affects your home’s ability to attract not only buyers, but also those with a healthy wallet. 


I will evaluate the current energy in your home and offer you solutions to stop energy leaks, balance the space + assist you in showcase its features to help buyers envision it as their home sweet home.

Buying a Home

Purchasing a property is a big decision that involves many factors, not just budget alone.

I can help you make short work of the process by assessing the various properties according to your family’s needs. I will not only look at the best way to make use of every square inch, I can also help you understand the numerological vibe and how it might affect you and your family.  


We are often attracted to places that offer us the greatest opportunity for soul growth. The address of a home gives you insight as to what energy you are likely to encounter while living at that location. Knowing this in advance can help you to minimize their impact. For example, if you purchase a property that has a 1 energy, cultivating healthy relationships could be a challenge. We would look at the area of the home that resonates with relationships and come up with ways to enhance that area as well as reinforce relationship energy throughout the home.


I will alert you to energy leaks and if the home is operating in a nourishing or destructive elemental cycle. For this part of the consultation we will need to walk through the space together be it in person or via zoom. I will give you the highlights of what I’m seeing and sensing so you can make the best decision for you and your family.  


Did you know that energy absorbs in the walls of a space? When previous homeowners have had difficulties, that energy stays with the house. There are things we can do to clear the challenging energy of divorce, illness or bankruptcy. In addition, we can use the principles of feng shui to bring balance to those areas, reinforcing good relationships with people, health + money. By clearing stagnant energy, we give you and your family a good foundation to create a nurturing and supportive environment. 

If you plan to renovate the space, we can discuss the best ways to make changes that increase the energy of your home and support all the people and pets in the space. This saves time and money so you do not unknowingly create energy leaks that will negatively impact your well-being while living in the home.

Feng Shui for Real Estate

Sabrina's incredibly efficient consultations are worth their weight in gold for how they have empowered me and sparked creativity and joy in my home, my offices + landscaping. Don't miss a chance to work with Sabrina!
-Julie Thorner


    Pre-payment is required to book a session. Once you book a session, I will contact you within 24 hours with the first available opening. 


    An in-person consultation takes about 2 hours for the walk-through portion in your home or business, with additional time required for my assessment + the preparation of remedies / cures to heal your space.

    In person consultations are for Shepherdstown, West Virginia and surrounding areas. Commute trips will include 1 hour of driving time to be paid before visit.


    Being conscious in the world today takes courage.  As we bravely face our fears we begin to uncover our authentic selves. We need to champion each other as we bury our roots deep and spread our wings wide.


    If you know someone who would benefit from a consultation, please pass along my contact information. To show you my appreciation, I would like to offer you 20% off of your next consultation when they book with me!


    When we make the decision to be our true selves in the world, we shine our individual lights brighter in the world. Together, we create the energy needed for our beloved Earth to transform into a planet that values love and oneness.

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