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Trust the Process

I finished my last day of school and rushed home to grab an hour in the sun.  What I used to take for granted has now become a precious commodity after spending a year teaching in a windowless classroom. It has amazed me how much I enjoy the warmth, the light and the energy the sun offers.

Since my final day was a half day of teaching, I was looking forward to soaking up some rays, listening to a mystery and taking a nap.  My celebratory afternoon quickly took a downturn when I walked through the door only to discover my partner standing in the kitchen, cabinets opened and emptied as he shared an unfortunate mishap with the refrigerator’s water dispenser. I was told a water remediation guy would be at the house any minute, so I put down my things, glanced out at my chaise longue on the patio, and rolled my sleeves up to help.

The water guy showed up, went under the house to check the damage, snapped a few photos and came back with even more bad news. There was mold growing in the crawl space. Seriously? We were leaving on vacation in two days, and now this?

One of the things that I love the most about my partner is his ability to get things done. As a former airline pilot, he is adept at prioritizing problems in order to keep everyone moving forward. This was no exception. He started making calls, coming up with a plan of action as I packed things up and moved them out of the way. The water guy left heavy duty dehumidifiers in the kitchen that were roaring very much like a jet engine, so perhaps this helped Steve get into his captain mode again. In an effort to move us into a better frame of mind, he suggested happy hour at Lilah’s.

I have begun to embrace that synchronicity is operating in my life at all times. I have learned that her energy moves me forward when opportunity is ripe and holds me back when the energy is not yet ready to be manifested. Sometimes, the pause is there for me to learn something needed in order to bring about a better creation than I previously imagined, and sometimes the pause means “wait, this is not for you, something else is making its way to you.” To traverse this varied terrain, I remind myself repeatedly that “whatever is happening, is somehow happening for me” allowing me to look for the gift amidst the chaos and practice gratitude.

Steve was disappointed that my summer vacation started off on this bad note. Oddly enough, I was not. As I searched around for something to appreciate, I settled on finding out about the mold. Practicing Feng Shui, I know how important it is for a home environment to be healthy. Health is the center of all abundance, and I take ours seriously! I started thinking about how neither of us go into the crawlspace with a flashlight looking for anything, let alone mold. We had encapsulated the crawlspace to mitigate the damp environment, so discovering this showed us that we needed to take a few more steps to protect our home.

Now for the blessing:

• The water guy was available to come over right away.

• He discovered the mold. He took care of the water issue.

• We made a plan of action with our contractor to deal with the mold, who incidentally could do it while we were away.

• Our contractor also just so happened to be finishing up another job near our home, and agreed to check on the house, and water the plants while we were gone.

• We got another chance to practice navigating a stressful situation and pulling together as a team.

• We had planned to eat leftovers to finish up the food in the refrigerator before our trip, but with the state of the kitchen, we went out to eat instead.  No clean up, yahooey!

What are the odds? Pretty good actually. This is happening for all of us all the time!  We are always creating experiences to learn something, and when we shift our vibration into gratitude, we align with our natural frequency. What is for us is then free to show up and what is not is free to leave! This is the formula for manifesting the life you want to live. If you want to get things right, accept that the results are correct, given the input. Then see if you can change what thoughts, feelings, or actions you are bringing to each circumstance and how you can change them in order to create a different outcome.

Gifts sometimes come wrapped in bows, and sometimes they are wrapped in adversity. Trusting the process means appreciating both. When we do, we create the internal space that allows all of the parts of ourselves to co-exist despite any contractions that we may hold.  By increasing our window of tolerance, we allow acceptance to become the launching pad in which our intentions can blossom into a life we can enjoy.

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