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Meditation: Why Time & Place Matter

Updated: Apr 2

How we feel in a space makes a big difference in our ability to recover from life’s stressors. By setting up a place designated for meditation, we build up the energy in a room making our time of meditation practice there more powerful. The physical body spends less time trying to relax and expand because the space already offers a heightened vibration. By implementing a few items and adjusting your schedule you will reap even greater rewards from as few as 5 minutes of meditation.

Where and what?

A designated meditation place should include a comfortable chair (for obvious reasons), a table-top devoted to special items and perhaps a candle.

Why special items? All things vibrate energy. Our special items vibrate a higher energy because we connect with them from a soulful place. By placing a few of our significant items in our meditation space, we automatically raise the vibration of the space.

Why does this matter? Higher vibration enables the physical body to relax and connect to the heart more quickly. The heart chakra (energy center located in the heart area of the body) is where we connect to our intuition. The faster our energy system relaxes, the more energy our body can hold, and we can open up to our inner guidance. That guidance offers us answers to our most pressing issues.

When we are out of sorts, we rely on our instincts. They are operating out of fight or flight, survival mode. Our energy during these times is contracted, or tight, enabling us to move quickly. We move instinctually, based on knowledge gained through experiences of the past. The wisdom that comes from being open and expanded is a connection to universal wisdom…ideas that we don’t have experience with. These ideas you might know as “fleeting thoughts," “crazy notions," or perhaps “a hunch" that turn out to lead you to exactly what you need to know in order to move forward.

Why a candle?

Candles are symbolic. When we light candles, we all know that something special is happening, and we adjust our energy and expectations accordingly. Romantic dinners, tub time and church ceremonies all utilize this universal symbol to connect to an environment in a more profound way.

Why daily?

When we commit to a practice, we tell ourselves that how we feel matters. We show up! We set a boundary with others and make the decision to put ourselves first simply by taking this time with our spirit daily. This is creating an energetic container in our energy bodies. We need these energy containers because they offer a place to put receptive energies.

What are receptive energies?

Receptive energies are energies you cannot go out and get, like intuition, health, love, trust and abundance. You can’t buy these energies. They are gifts available if you open up to them. You can work hard and make good money, but it may not fulfill you, making you feel abundant. You can date or be married to someone, but you may not feel loved or able to extend trust. You can work out every day, but it doesn’t make you immune from dis-ease. You might make decisions on how to direct your energy, but those choices may not support your path to happiness or line up with right timing, like your intuitive guidance would.

When’s the best time of day?

First thing in the morning offers the best time! When we go to sleep, we lose all resistance and our bodies come back into alignment. For those hours of sleeping, we are healing. When we first wake up, we are just coming out of that energy, meaning we are still open and receptive to our spirit and we can easily attune to our guidance.

First thing is also a time when we have not yet engaged our physical body by eating breakfast. When we eat, we pull our energy back down into the body, grounding it by activating our digestive system. Fasting throughout our sleep and tuning in from that heightened awareness gives us an easier connection to our intuitive selves because all guidance takes place in the upper chakras and their physical counterparts. When life throws you curveballs and you most need to understand how to navigate challenging times, this space you created becomes a refuge. You will not receive answers while you are frantic. However, just being in this space will begin to soothe you.

If you follow these guidelines and build the energy up daily, it will quickly bring you back to center. Your spirit is available to you 24/7. Never doubt that. Creating a meditation place in addition to committing to the daily practice is just a way to tap into your power whenever you need to know how to step out of third dimensional problems and see your life from a larger perspective. Everyday issues are indicative of patterns our soul seeks to understand and transform.

Letting go of the urgency of life enables us to find creative ways to deal with our life lessons and grow in both depth and breadth. All of that, from 5 minutes a day! Can I get a kumbaYEAH!

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