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Updated: Apr 2

As Turkey Day fast approaches our mouths start to water as our hearts fill with gratitude. We are grateful for all those that we love and the few that we have lost. We search our memory for all of our blessed moments in the past year, coming up with the one that humbled us in the face of this wide, expansive universe. This is the one that we will share as we are gathered around the table this week. This is the one that will moisten eyes and create the lump in our throat as we find the words that sing unison with our heart. What exactly are blessings, and can we use them any other time of the year?

Blessings are a higher vibrational force of energy. This means that they defy the restrictions of time and space in our third dimensional world and move superman style towards any deserving soul. Deserving is not defined by good deeds, but rather a deeper understanding of feeling worthy to receive that energy. We get caught up in the shoulds and musts of life and lose our connection to our peace, joy and love. We allow other people to determine our happiness consistently pointing our finger at the intrepid beings that are the perceived gatekeepers to our queendom.

This is not the nature of our higher selves. Our soul is connected to a higher source at all times. It knows all about possibility and desires for us to stay linked with that energy when we are in dire straits. Our minds knows better, right? We expend a lot of energy and resources making mountains, when if we aligned our energy with our natural state of unconditional love instead, we would see all obstacles in life as the molehills of opportunity they actually are.

Enter… blessings. We have all felt the need to pray for other people at one time or another. We have been taught that is an acceptable response to hardship. We instinctively attune our energy to the most perfect state we can imagine for them and voilà we open the door for that energy to flow to them. We see them as whole, happy and healthy making that frequency the dominate vibration. As high frequency trumps low, it now permeates any fear-based thoughts transforming them into hope. So why don’t we use this healing tool for ourselves? Perhaps because we have been trained to believe that the way to being whole, happy and healthy is something that comes from outside of our minds and hearts making us human doings, rather than human beings.

This holiday season as you look around at the life you have created and are tempted to make judgements as to what needs to change in order to make it better, close your eyes and find that blessing. That heightened energy you feel is your cue that you just unlocked the door to your Shangri-La. Fling it open and stand there for at least twenty-seven seconds. According to the law of attraction gurus Abraham-Hicks, all other thoughts in the universe that resonate at that frequency will join yours making it a sizable investment in your future …at least for the amount of time you are able to hold that connection.  

Trust that you are now resonating in your natural frequency and let the good that follows sweep over you. Feel the power in using those blessings to connect you to your spirit. Trust your spirit to direct that energy to both green and red-light synchronicities. If you must deal with dis-ease of any kind, know that what you are learning from it will serve you somehow down the road. If you are prevented from taking action that you would swear is the right thing to do, let it go, knowing somehow time is on your side. Use this most special frequency that we save for friends and family once a year, on a daily basis to connect you to your authentic state of being.

As you think about your blessings in preparation to the question “what are you most grateful for this year?” Consider this as a possible response:

“I am most grateful for the gift of life. I recognize that I have the unique opportunity to discover new things about myself each day. I know that as I show gratitude for my journey, I now hold the capacity to be grateful for yours. As I look around at all of you, I see clearly all that I am. We are truly blessed. Happy Thanksgiving.”

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