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Historical Revisionism

Updated: Apr 2

When I was younger and had a bad dream, I would make myself go back to sleep and face my tormentor. The second time around I would have a weapon at my disposal, help outside my door, or an escape route that I could easily take. No matter the situation, I would go back to that scary moment and find a way to stay safe and survive. It got me to thinking, if I can have a do over in my dream state, why not my waking state?

Since those days I have learned quite a bit about the world of energy and the various timelines we all travel. Some of the information centers around accepting that each of us is creating our individual experiences while coexisting on the same planet. Many are already using this idea of jumping timelines to our advantage. I recently saw on Instagram that we can imagine a near future event using details to make the experience as vivid as possible. Then when we get to that event, we take a moment to thank our higher selves for getting us there safely. This guy’s idea focused on extending our energy (via our third eye chakra — the home of the imagination) into the future and as the future becomes the now, we see that we do indeed hold the power to know subsequent events.

I found this to be quite intriguing. As we practice creating the best possible outcomes for ourselves, we are allowing like vibrational experiences to flow into our lives. We actually shift our energy to be an energetic match to our future self in order to have that experience. You can liken it trying on a different style of clothes and imagining yourself to be that glamorous woman living her fabulous lifestyle. By taking on her qualities you practice her vibration. It seems like we are pretending, but in the world of energy we are shifting our frequency to match a new energy pattern. That change reorganizes all events around us for the amount of time we are vibing as her! 

Mind blowing alert! As you change your personal frequency to align with a whole new future…you are simultaneously changing your past as well. How many of us think about who we are today and wonder how on earth we could have e.v.e.r.endured our past? Our perspective is now different, we are now different. That girl is still there, a part of our ever-expanding consciousness, but we have shifted into a new timeline that no longer includes her perspective or the consequences of making her choices from her limited viewpoint. So, like my going back into my nightmares to shift myself out of victimhood, we move out of her story and into one more compatible with our new awareness.  

What does this mean in terms of shaping our future? It means we can move forward or backward in time and change the course of our lives. If we have an interaction that we regret, we can go back to that very moment and imagine a different outcome. We can replay the event in our minds and this time we can choose the more empowering stance. Giving that event just five minutes of our attention from a more positive perspective offers that experience a little room to rearrange our future. What we would have been likely to experience gets redirected and we gain momentum towards a more favorable outcome.

We do a version of this naturally, however, in our typical recounting of the experience in our minds we relive our hard moments replaying the scene as we force ourselves to experience all of the painful associations that go along with it. When we do that we are entrenching ourselves deeper and deeper into a timeline that keeps us attracting similar experiences. We often throw our hands up in exasperation claiming that this must be our fate! What I am offering is a way out of that story and all the characters that plan to show up to give their Oscar winning performances at our expense.

The goal of every interaction we have with others is to teach us about a new aspect of ourselves that is seeking exploration. There is a perfection in the timing of all events. The universe has a far greater understanding of how to support our growth than we could ever imagine. Mary Oliver said “someone once gave me a box full of darkness. It took years to understand that this too, was a gift.” As beings that seek to tap into fifth dimensional frequency to live our fourth density experience on earth, we no longer need years to sift through the darkness. As we take down our keep out signs and shed light on our greatest fears, we get to choose if we truly believe the story we live.  If there is any part of us that resonates with that version, then we will continue to align with that identity. But… if we use that past event to uncover our limiting beliefs, we give ourselves that do over and with it the power to become the heroine and live her story instead.

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