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This 90-minute session is geared towards total healing and transformation.


All areas affect each other and by sussing out any restrictive energy flow we change how those spaces feed into the feeling and function of the home. By looking at the entire space we can change and improve the overall energy of your home.


This is the most comprehensive of the feng shui plans and can be done in person (if locally located) or by zoom. By interacting in real time, I can answer all of your questions and teach you how to use your style of design to harmonize your home. The consultation includes a report of all of my remedies for bringing your home back into alignment as well as any additional handouts that might help you better understand how the energy moves in your home and affects your well-being.  


During this consultation, I gain a solid understanding of how you use the spaces in your home + how you feel about your home. No later than 3 days before the scheduled appointment I ask for an accurate floor plan of the home or business.  I will email you a bagua prior to our meeting, the Chinese map to determine where individual rooms are in relationship to the emotional areas of your life, that will allow you to follow along with me during our session. Within 3 business days of our session I will email you with my recommendations on changes you can make in order to bring your space into balance.


*Available in-person locally or virtually.

**$100 travel fee for in-person consultations within an hour drive of Winchester, VA.

Feng Shui Full Consultation

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