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The goal of my packages is to bring balance + harmony into your home or business. 


During a session we will start by discussing any resistance you might be expressing relating to the topic at hand to better understand if you are holding any harmful energetic patterns in place. We will then take this a step further and look at the energy of your physical body and focus on the chakra relating to the specific emotional area we are transforming in the home.  

By addressing the physical, mental + spiritual body, we are reinforcing your ability to 

attract the nurturing energy of these areas into your life. 

*These sessions are held virtually and are 60 minutes long. 


**In a hurry? Opt for the Photo + Email only option! Simply send in your floorplan after you book, I’ll let you know which rooms I need pictures of and craft your report within 48 hours via email. Couldn’t be easier to get some support in shifting the energy of your home! $55.00

Feng Shui Mini-Session

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