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Vibing With Your Home

Updated: Apr 2

Come together, work together, play together, win together…

Each time we move into a new home there is chaos followed by a period of adaptation. Each home has an existing energy about it. When it was built, how it is oriented, and its address all play into the vibration the home carries. My teachings suggest we are attracted to that place to experience that vibration. Although our names are the ones on the lease or mortgage, there are always spirits connected to the land or home because of their past lives there.

Dovetailing with the energy of a home is key to feeling comfortable and getting into your flow. You would never seek to build a life with a stranger you just met in the physical world, yet many people don’t consider that this is exactly what they are doing in the energetic realm when they approach their space like a bull in a china shop. Every inch of her structure and every blade of her grass carries the energy of what it held throughout time. By accentuating her strengths and shoring up her weaknesses, we help the home blend her energy with ours.

Monday morning quarterback I unlocked the door to my new flat and was astounded by its beauty. I’ve dreamt of living in a loft apartment in a city my whole adult life. The gorgeous brick walls, large windows overlooking the hustle and bustle of the piazza below, made me giddy! I carried pot after pot of plants and flowers up two flights of stairs, as my mama taught me to never arrive at someone’s home empty handed. Each time I passed my pots of flowers around the porch from my previous home, I sensed from them that they wanted to come with me to help me change the energy. At one point as I was planting a few more pansies into them before I left, my partner asked why I didn’t wait to do this in the new city? Wouldn’t it be easier than carrying heavy pots full of plants and soil up several flights of stairs? (He had a point.) Perhaps feeling like I might be a bit nutty, he might have been second guessing his decision to move with me at that moment. However, my spirit knew the plants were going to be needed right away in the new place, so I kept my resolve and made room for them in my car. The game plan My knowledge of energy always influences what spaces I choose and how I design them. This particular apartment holds the “4” vibration in numerology. Four carries the energy of stability. I already knew I was going to have to contend with a major energy leak as the front door and one of the large windows overlooking the city lines up perfectly letting all of my abundance flow into and out of the space in one fell swoop. As this does not bode well for building a business, I focused on finding ways to hold the energy in the apartment. I walked in and instinctively placed the plants in the four corners of the main room and the patio. The next morning as I arrived to start making design decisions, I noticed the plants were wilted. They were not thirsty as I verified by checking the soil dampness; their energy felt low and almost weary. I immediately moved them around again and started burning my nag champa incense to purify the space. Plants have a vibrational force of their own as well as nature spirits attached to them. My beauties were letting me know that the energy leak from the front door alignment was too swift for their energy alone to transform. Run interference After the movers came and placed the big pieces of furniture, it was then my turn to check the balance of the space in order to better understand which of the five elements: earth, fire, water, metal and wood should be added or subtracted to create a nurturing cycle of energy. Having my belongings there helped to blend my energy with the spirits of the building. This is an old building dating back to the late 1800s, however, it has been newly renovated into loft apartments.

There is typically a spirit of a place that is its guardian, and it will work with us to help us elevate the energy of the land and structure. There are also spirits that remain attached to places that were significant to them in life. The spirits can be friendly and willing to share the place if we build rapport with them and demonstrate that our goal is to partner with the space and nurture it. When I would tune in and ask for which spirits were there to assist me, I kept getting the “Sioux.” I immediately looked up on google how to greet these natives and learned that etiquette dictates there be distinctions made between male and female vocabulary. I greeted this spirit accordingly and asked for his help in acclimating to my new place. Respect is key when working with spirit helpers. Steamrolling is unappealing in the spirit world just as it is in the human world and garners similar results.

Hail Mary I kept a close eye on my plants on the days to follow and I realized that each day another plant would show signs of struggle, so I knew I needed to bring in my reinforcements. I unpacked my crystals and began to intuitively place them around the apartment.

Crystals are made in the earth and like the plants they have their own frequency and earth elementals charged with maintaining their well-being. To work with them, they should be cleared to remove unwanted energy, charged to amplify their properties and programmed with our desire to enhance the space. I placed my big purple amethyst in the wealth corner. This is the power center in any home. Remember the leak? It was lowering the energy in this corner, negatively impacting my plants. As soon as the crystals were in place, I could feel the energy increase and the plants start to perk up.

When you have a significant energy leak the goal is to stop the flow of energy out of the space. By allowing the energy to stay within the structure it has a chance to circulate to all of the rooms and nurture each space. In our world this translates to feeling safe and at peace when we are at home. This is the energy that allows us to relax and recover from the external world. To further support my goal, I hung a 50 mm multifaceted crystal halfway between the front door and window, and then hung curtains on the window. I placed a show stopping piece of artwork to the left of that window. Now when you walk into our home your eye is drawn to the artwork instead of a view of the town! Success! I just held the energy, by way of site, in my space!

Touchdown When we honor the energy of a place and choose to support it by raising the vibration we will always be supported in that place. We do not need to spend our lives there to encounter success. We may only be meant to temporarily elevate the frequency to prepare it for the next occupant. The time we are there is irrelevant, it’s how we choose to participate during our stay that is significant. Just because we decide to live there does not mean we are owed any loyalty by its keepers. That privilege is earned by each tree we nurture in the yard, each faucet we fix in the house, or in our own ability to work with the spirits that are already inhabiting the space.

Should you find yourself moving or feeling like you don’t jive with your home, take a moment to reflect on your ability to be a team player. You may not be able to see her spirit, but how you feel in her presence tells you how she feels about you and her willingness to protect and care for you. You can shift any relationship by changing your attitude. She drew you to her because she knows your heart. By working with her, you guarantee yourself a spot as a first-string player and can trust that it is she who will come in clutch when the clock is ticking, and the pressure is high.

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