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The Year of Seven

Updated: Apr 2

Happy New Year! Are you ready for 2023? It holds a 7 vibration as 2+0+2+3=7.

Check out Denise Linn’s book Sacred Space if you’re interested in learning more about numerology for your home and how to “enhance the energy of your home.” Seven’s vibration means you are looking at a year filled with reflection, wisdom and spiritual development. For those of you just joining the party, this means the material realm will no longer satiate you. You might feel lonely if you are unaccustomed to spending time in your own company. It will require that you walk to the rhythm of your own heartbeat. It is a time of divine inspiration, so your spirit team will be close by to assist you as you go inward. You also might notice that the people and activities that used to bring you pleasure, now leave you feeling empty. You might be wondering what to expect and how best to travel this path of solitude during this year of inner growth.

Keep or toss is one of my favorite games to play when wanting a fresh start! We are all familiar with this idea when it comes to our belongings. I encourage all of you to play a round or two to create some space in your homes to ring in the new year. That takes care of the physical space. Now moving with Seven, you will also need to address the emotional and mental layer in your energy field. This is the final round in which you must decide which people or situations you want to continue to endure, and which ones you are prepared to cull. This is not about being heartless. Seven’s vibration is anything but that! It’s about taking some newly created space (way to go!) to consider which people nurture and support your vision of life and which people undermine your confidence in yourself.

We have all been shaped by our past and that includes group consciousness in which our tribe has determined the rules of acceptance. Be it in your professional or personal life, you have participated in order to guarantee your survival. This upcoming year will be asking you to examine the ways in which you take part in all aspects of your physical world to determine if you are in integrity with your soul self. I always like to emphasize that when I mention integrity, I am not referring to society’s rule of good or bad behavior, but rather to that small voice within that keeps you attuned to your value system. When you are out of sync with that voice you might notice a lump in your throat that forms when you refrain from sharing your truth. Or perhaps a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you are witnessing injustice and do nothing. It could also manifest as your broken heart when you feel the sting of being ostracized for your beliefs.

This is the year to look at your close relationships. Do you feel uplifted, accepted and respected? If the chase is exhausting you, recognize that you hold the power to create new and nurturing connections with people that are capable of loving and honoring the real you, not just their vision of who you need to be. Use this time of reflection to feel your way through this process. Be present with yourself as you grieve endings, and welcome new beginnings.

Expect a few health issues if you have been stubborn, because this is one of Seven’s favorite ways to get your attention. Seven requires more. Seven will hold you accountable for all the ways you have used alcohol, drugs, Facebook, etc. to check out of your existence. Once dis- ease has penetrated the physical body, we tend to pay attention. This is her speed round, and she is banking on your willingness to do anything to get your life back to the way it was. Fortunately, it will never be the same. Be grateful for this awakening! This is not a punishment, but rather an opportunity to love yourself as you listen to your body’s plea for wellness. Your body offers a roadmap to what must change in order for you to align with better health and greater joy. Anxiety high? Get out of your head and find healthy ways of coping with situations out of your control. Heart issues? Where are you risk averse? Stomach issues? What are you no longer capable of digesting? Sift through your experiences and determine what must be released in order for the new energy to be birthed.

2023 is moving all of us forward on our journey of spiritual development. It will be a beautiful revelation of your hopes and dreams by way of contemplation with a few challenges thrown into the mix! Take advantage of this special energy to get to know your own heart. Find ways to make peace with your life and make changes when you are inspired to do so. When you are unsure of what needs to happen, take a pause. Use the time between breaths, between words, between what is and what isn’t to consider what your needs are, and then act from that place of clarity. This year of Seven will define all of us, because in the words of Seinfeld’s George Costanza, “’s (Seven) got cachet, baby! It’s got cachet up the yin-yang!”

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