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The North Wind is Calling

Updated: Apr 2

I remember standing outside in my yard of my dream home, a house I thought I would never sell, feeling my spirit disconnect from the property. It was such a weird feeling, and so unexpected that I dismissed the thought. I gave it one of my usual “that was weird” moments and carried on with my evening. Two years later I listed that house and sold it a year after that.

I can sense change, although I do not always know what is changing or how that change will affect me. A couple of months ago, I started going through all of my belongings and getting rid of things… again. I felt like I needed to streamline. My guidance suggested I keep only the things that I loved and used and everything else had to go! Some days it has been exhausting as I’ve worked through files and piles of paperwork, shredding what no longer is pertinent and reorganizing what needs to be kept. My friends have grown accustomed to my bringing items to our girls’ night and trying to convince them that whatever I am letting go of will enhance their lives!

What is going on? I’m tuning into my marching orders. I don’t know where I am going, or when I am going, but I am going. This is how my spirit readies me for this transition. Believe it or not we light workers are strategically placed to raise the vibration of cities, towns, countries, all over the world. When we are ready and our skillset can be used the universe orchestrates a major change, and off we go! This can look like a career change or relocation in work, or a relationship change as in marriage or even divorce. It might be a family change. Maybe an elderly parent falls ill and needs you to be closer to them. The point being, it isn’t as random as one would think.

The opposite can also happen. It’s called the standstill: you want to move and cannot sell your house or find a new job. This might happen because you are being used as a placeholder until your replacement can get their paperwork in order and get to your location. You might not be ready to bring your light to the new environment, needing to lick your wounds or receive some healing in order to make you stronger. This waiting period gives you the time needed to become a match for the new vibration of the new place. It’s all part of divine timing. My house in Georgia was under contract several times before I bought it. I know it was being saved for me. I remember we were playing the game of what house would we buy if we could buy any house in this area. We were having lunch downtown waiting for our boys to interview at a private school and basically killing time. I saw that house in the real estate magazine, cornered that page and we made an offer a week later. We closed on that house before I knew if my boys would be able to go to that school. The fascinating part of the story is that we had a house and farm in another state. You don’t just pick up and move a farming business, apparently. But I knew in my core we were to move to that place. Everything came together too easily. It was a magical time for us. My children thrived academically and socially, and I also blossomed. It was the place I became reacquainted with Sabrina. The people I met that became dear friends encouraged me to be me. To them I wasn’t a Shelton boys’ mom, I was their kooky psychic friend. They loved and accepted me. It was the place I found my sovereignty.

What are some signs of change? Restlessness is a biggie. You feel called to do something differently and start noticing the yuzh no longer satisfies you at your core. More information about a new place suddenly finds its way into your world. You become enchanted with a place. It’s on tv, in magazines, books, conversations, or even friends speak of their visits to that location. In my case in Georgia, I was in a shop and suddenly my whole body tingled with energy. I now know that energy to be my spirit guides, but back then I simply felt alive! I thought, “now this merchandise is more like the items I like to look at and buy.” I know, weird. But that was my exact thought at the time. It felt like “these are my people.”

If you can’t break into the rhythm of a place, you aren’t finding success in work, relationships or everything feels heavy, it might be time to look elsewhere. If you feel depressed and wonder if this is all life has to offer, hang on…your spirit is getting your attention! You might not like the unraveling that is about to happen, but if you trust yourself and go with your new awareness it will lead you forward. That can look chaotic and not everyone will agree with your choices, but if you stay true to your heart you will find your place in the world. I won’t guarantee it will be where you will hang your hat forever, but you have a rendezvous with destiny, and the universe will make sure you keep that appointment. There is much to be gained by trusting your instincts. That place is meant to ready you for the next stage in your life.

In the movie Chocolat, the north wind brings Vianne Rocher and her daughter Anouk to a French village where they challenge the local villagers’ ideas of morality. They are there to expand the consciousness of those villagers. Vianne uses her chocolaterie influenced by her many travels to entice the villagers to open their minds through their tastebuds. By frequenting her shop (during lent) they are daring to go against Mayor, Comte de Reynaud and all that group consciousness dictates. It is a beautiful movie with a beautiful message of acceptance. When your spirit calls you to prepare for change, pack your bags. They may sit by the door for days, weeks, or months. But rest assure that one day, your north wind will fling open your shutters and beckon you to follow. Go with confidence. There will be people at the new locale to offer you respite. They will take you into their lives and together, chez vous, you will raise the vibration bringing more love and light into the world.

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