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The Divorce House: Feng Shui

Updated: Apr 2

Feng Shui consultants know that major life changing events affect the energy of a home. These houses should come with warning labels that read: side effects include possibility of bankruptcy, terminal illness and divorce. The energy experienced during traumatic events gets absorbed into the space. I am not referring to a temporary setback such as a job loss, an argument, or the flu. I mean repeated low vibrational emotions that accumulate in a space until it has a consciousness of its own.

Energy does not dissipate. It can remain the same or transform into a denser vibe or higher frequency, depending on your thoughts and beliefs. To break this down into bite sized pieces, let’s start with how the law of attraction works: We think about something thereby placing our focus on it. How we feel about that situation determines our expectations. We look for evidence that our beliefs are valid in our external world thereby projecting that energy out into the world. The universe responds to our projection and matches our beliefs by bringing us experiences that prove us to be right, reinforcing or deepening these ideas in our energy field. This happens a million times a day, without our conscious awareness. It can work for us if we are searching for positive evidence bringing more positive experiences our way. It can also work against us, if we have a negative outlook bringing more unwanted experiences our way. When we go through something traumatic, we place all of our attention on that experience in a highly exaggerated way, especially if it is a shocking revelation. We are inundating our system with lower frequency emotions repeatedly. In turn, we naturally project that energy out into the world. Fear, anger, sadness, frustration, helplessness etc. carry some of the heaviest of vibes. Ever walk into a room after someone received bad news? You can feel the sadness and uncertainty still lingering.

This energy can build up in a space if it is not cleared soon after it happens. Whenever anything of like vibration happens in the future, it joins that lower vibrational mass. There comes a point when that energy that used to simply be an argument holds enough vibrational momentum to now influence the space around it. In a sense, it has its own consciousness. It now acts like a living breathing entity attracting like experiences.

Have you ever gone into a home that felt dank and drained your energy? You tuned into massive low-level energy. If you were to stay in that space for an extended period of time, then any part of your mental or emotional body that has a similar vibration, gets stimulated and you will begin to resonate at that frequency.

In music, this is called sympathetic resonance — A passive string or vibratory body responds to external vibrations to which it has harmonic likeness. If you play the c note on the piano, other compatible notes vibrate in sympathy. Your thoughts and emotions begin to resonate with the dominant lower frequencies saturated in a space. You might be more inclined to want to argue, complain about your health, or worry about finances. Any beliefs that you hold that can align with that energy now start attracting like experiences into your world. Think about the Negative Nancy’s and Nervous Nellie’s in your life. How do you feel around them?

If you are buying a house it would be prudent to ask about its history. Why are the sellers selling? If you learn that they are divorcing, have a terminal illness, or are declaring bankruptcy… beware. That energy has its own lifeforce and can negatively affect you and your family. The good news is that it can be cleared. It will take more than burning sage in each room, but it can be done. This is when you might want to consider calling in a professional Feng Shui consultant, shaman, or priest. The energetic imprint needs to be located in the house and then the lower frequency needs to be shifted into a higher vibration. I have found when dousing houses that those lower frequency places are typically in bedrooms, around bathtubs or any other place in a home where someone might take a beat and let their emotions out in full force. This is a good reminder to be sure that what we are projecting in the world is positive and uplifting for ourselves and therefore for the people around us. We all experience hardship. Hold awareness that how you handle yourself during that crisis can impact more than just you. It is natural to experience heavy emotions as it is part of being a human.

By tuning into your natural rhythm each day, you can sense when your vibration dips in frequency (when you are suddenly in a bad mood) and then find ways to bring it back to its natural state. When you are overwhelmed, consider getting support through friends and family, or counseling to help mitigate the fallout. Divorce, illness and bankruptcy can be a blessing in disguise for many people living in ways that are out of alignment with their soul journey. That could be a reason they were attracted to the house subconsciously in the first place. But if you are clear that this is not your path, then your best protection against lower-level energy is to care how you feel. When feeling good becomes your primary focus each day, the universe responds in kind. Repeat after me… like attracts like.

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