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Tarot: What to let go + what to grow

Updated: Apr 2

With the winter solstice marking the beginning of the winter season, you might notice a desire to turn inward. We naturally spend more time indoors with the colder months and shorter days. This hibernation of sorts is a time our soul needs to rest, reflect, and regroup in order to release what was and open to what can be if we are willing up to stand still and be present with our spirit.

Need a simple way to make sense of the possible malaise you are experiencing? Exhilarated at the possibilities before you? Just need a little more clarity as to how to stay true to your heart? Think about picking up a tarot deck to give you a visual of what you’re releasing in order to embrace a new you.

Tarot cards have been around since the 15th century. Meant for entertainment they quickly gained popularity when people realized they could be a tool used for divination. Let me reiterate a “tool”. Like a rake or a hammer, they are meant to assist you. In and of themselves they hold no power. However, in your capable hands they can be utilized to see into your heart and decipher what’s needed in order to bring in the new year.

Step one: Choose a deck. Just like a kid in a candy store this works best by letting the eyes draw you in. The deck that piques your interest, is the deck that will be more fun to learn with. There is something about it that resonates with your higher self. Trust that knowing and add it to your cart (and check out)!

Step two: Clear the deck of any previous handlers so it can absorb your energy. We all know what the pages of a favorite book feel like between our fingers. This is because we’ve handled it so often that it has been imprinted with our energy. Same idea here. Burn a stick of sage and run your deck through the smoke. It removes the energy of anyone that has touched them so they can be most receptive to your energy. The more you handle your deck, the more it will feel like you.

Step three: Throw a spread. Mix the cards and say a prayer that your highest and best be served with your reading and choose 3 cards. You might see a court card, (representing a person) or a pip card which are the numbered cards 1-10 (representing a situation). You might even get a major arcana! These are the big wigs in the deck and mean that the universe isn’t playing around. The time has come my friend for you to move forward. Hold onto your hat because big life patterns are changing when the majors are called in. That could look like moving, new love, or changes in your work life.

The first card will represent what you are now ready to release in your life. The second card will represent what you are now ready to receive or embrace in your life.

The third card will bridge the gap between the the two. It will offer you guidance on the best way to chart this course. If it tells you to do nothing, like one meaning of the 2 of swords, it could be that you don’t have all the information you need just yet. Just sit tight in that case and soon it will make more sense.

I love working with the Tarot. I enjoy noticing what my intuition wants to show me. I appreciate the archetypes that represent my friends and family and like to see my reaction to that energy. You can keep it light or delve into the deeper aspects of the Tarot. Like any new endeavor there will be a learning curve. The more you practice, the better you’ll get. It’s as easy as one, two, three….

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