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Updated: Apr 2

Hello operator? I’d like to make a collect call to God …

We have all been in situations where we feel like we are at the mercy of another. When there is something that we need help with, we become reliant on someone else to make it happen. It is a feeling of powerlessness that requires us to be vulnerable in order to get our needs met. What happens when our ability to play nice just isn’t in the cards?

I recently had a job to do that required collaborating with another. He had a huge chip on his shoulder and a no-can-do attitude at every turn. After spending thirty minutes complaining about his attitude to my partner, I decided I had to do something or we would not accomplish our goals. What to do…what to do… I decided to pray. Prayer is a powerful tool we often overlook in our everyday lives, leaving it for dire circumstances alone. I am now a firm believer in asking for help from the spirit world. I understand that we all have free will, meaning the right to make our own choices, which prohibits the angels and our spirit team from interfering with our process unless we ask. When we do, they respond to our 911’s with inspirational thoughts that often lead to sudden urges to try something different.

Growing up I derived tremendous pleasure from doing things on my own and not needing others. In fact, I’d say I took pride in not being needy. Now I can see that being vulnerable is a superpower. When we admit that we need support, we strengthen our spirit. We receive energy making us more powerful givers; kinda like charging a battery. I have written about power of prayer before, but in that sitch a spirit was trying to connect with his son. In this article I want demonstrate that prayer is an energy that anybody can tap into. Prayer is a direct link into higher vibrational energy, fast tracking your needs to those in the unique position of being able to assist you. It isn’t about getting your way. It’s letting go and trusting that the universe will join you in finding a solution that works for everyone involved.

Where was I? Oh yeah, stuck with my naysayer getting more stressed by the nano second! I started praying. I prayed that we could find a way to work together and whatever was happening between us be neutralized in order for us to get the job done. I reminded myself that I should not take his actions personally. What’s needed here? I repeated over and over and then I heard: you are fighting over who is alpha dog, and that must change in order to complete your task. I should know by now that I am divinely guided, but I swear each time my small requests are heard and responded to I am in awe. With my newfound awareness I slowly lifted my sword of light from my scabbard and chose to fill my heart with appreciation. In a matter of minutes something shifted, and he shared his pain around going through a divorce. An unwanted divorce. I imagine working with a bossy woman (that would be me) that was busy directing him on the best way to do his job triggered his powerlessness in his personal life. What a perfect match we were that day! We were both looking to control our outside experience because on the inside, we felt vulnerable.

We are all operating from our personal agendas most of the time. Inevitably we are going to dovetail beautifully with someone else’s chaos to reveal our narrow viewpoints. We are not always equipped to change gears, so prayer gives us the opportunity to surrender our will in the moment knowing there is a solution we’ve yet to discover. Most of us save it for big moments. Somehow, we have gotten the message that it should be used sparingly when you really need a miracle. That isn’t what my team advises.

Prayer moves us out of our heads and into our hearts. When we pray, we expect help. When we pray, we surrender. When we pray, we are comforted. When we pray, we entrain with the energy of a higher source. Through prayer we commune with our spirit. There is nothing more beautiful than being connected to our essence. Prayer is one of many avenues that creates the path for that very thing. The next time you feel at a loss over any issue in your life, pray. Share with your higher source what is weighing heavy in your heart. You will find a burden lifted as you own your true thoughts and feelings. Then…wait. Your prayers will be answered. It might be with a new thought of what to do, a new response from a person, or even a new awareness of their personal circumstance. Prayer is a phone call home when we need help in navigating our lives. It is one that we can make anytime, anywhere, with full confidence it will be accepted.

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