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My Afternoon With Samson

Updated: Apr 2

I was recently in a store to get help with a cabinet door hinge. I couldn’t remove a stripped screw.

I came across a gentleman putting away merchandise who worked there and asked for his help. His phone was constantly ringing, his earpiece was buzzing with questions from his coworkers, and then there was me completely ignorant of how to remove the screw yet offering him suggestions.

I sensed his overall frustration mount as his patience with me grew thinner by the second. Long story short, it wasn’t going well. I did the only other thing I could think of, I started to pray. I asked for guidance on how to shift the energy between us. The store was filled with frantic energy as people were milling about everywhere. I stayed focused as I felt I had to get our energy more aligned. As I relaxed into my spirit, I waited to hear from my guides the best way to bring peace and calm to this situation. I then heard, “look for something genuine to appreciate about this man.”

As we only exchanged a few phrases about the stripped screw, there was no material there to work with. In fact, I think I detected an eyeroll when I suggested putting a rubber band on the screw so the vice grip would not slip off in his attempts to remove that darn thing. I then went to his appearance. He was fit, nice looking (no go, I felt those were not appropriate things to say out loud) I settled on his long hair. Really Sabrina? Yes, trust yourself. Here goes nothing… “Sir, you have beautiful hair.”

It was true. His hair was very healthy looking, and I could tell it was source of pride for him. More than that, I genuinely felt that way. Then the transformation happened. He softened. As we changed the conversation to his manly mane, he began to tell me how through covid he let it grow, which led to a conversation about his homesteading, pictures of his amazing garden (another source of pride) and then he mentioned the passing of his father. I felt the energy around my body tingle, so I knew there was a spirit around me somewhere.

The minute he started talking about his father, his father’s illness, what his father meant to him, his father’s spirit appeared behind his left shoulder. I wondered if I should say anything and decided to wait for “an in” as I call them. I’ve asked my team of guides for a clear knowing that I should relay any information that comes through, including what I am sensing clairvoyantly. No in, so I stayed silent. I stood there watching his energy expand as he spoke more about his life, his journey and how close he now felt to his father. His father beamed. The energy between them grew. His father’s spirit was glowing, and this gentleman was so moved by the emotions swelling up inside of him that his eyes started to fill with tears. This was an amazing moment to witness. His entire demeanor changed. Only fifteen minutes earlier he had been saying how hectic and hard his day had been, and now he was smiling ear to ear! An elderly employee walked in at that moment to start his shift and this man greeted him with the sincerest of “hello, it’s great to see you!” My luck was changing because just then the store mechanic walked by, and he invited him to help us with the screw issue, and together we put our minds together to get this job done. Side bar …The mechanic complemented me on my “good thought” as he called it of using the rubber band but explained to me why it would not work in this situation (I felt vindicated, and I needed y’all to know that).

I left there with a new set of hinges as that blasted screw remains permanently lodged in the old hinge mechanism. If I had been hustling and bustling with only my agenda on my mind, this would have been an unsuccessful mission. But it was never about my stripped screw and hinge. It was about helping someone in pain find a way to acknowledge their grief in a moment of comradery. I wasn’t sent there to get the screw out (clearly as it clings to the cabinet). I was drawn to that store to help someone that gives his time and expertise to many others day in and day out, receive the love of his father. My complementing him about his hair was a sincere gesture. Had I attempted to manipulate him by saying something I didn’t believe, the energy would not have elevated enough to allow his father to come through. Although this man did not derive his physical strength from his hair like the biblical Samson, my appreciation of his lovely locks garnered enough energy for him to tap into his inner strength and share how influential his father had been in his life. That brought him so much pleasure that he was able to expand the energy of his heart and feel his father’s love. I share this experience to demonstrate the power we each have as beings on this planet.

We may not be able to understand the hatred and chaos swirling around us, but we do understand gratitude and appreciation. By joining forces with others in stressful times, we can uplift the energy in the places we find ourselves throughout our day. One by one, we add up to millions of people bringing peace and harmony to others that are suffering. As you move around in your life today, take a moment to tune into your spirit and follow your guidance. You never know whose life you will touch, or who may decide to join you!

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