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What do you know about Earthbound Spirits?

Updated: Apr 2

A couple of weeks ago I awoke to loud music playing. I mean dance party, throw down loud! I thought one of my neighbor’s was having a party. I looked at the clock, 4am. #%@*!!!!! What was happening?

Hold up… is someone playing the same heavy metal song, over and over? My partner and I got up and walked around the building trying to locate the source of the blaring music. It was coming from a brewery near us…yet nobody was in there. We spoke with the manager the next morning who told us that they had turned everything off when they left the night before. They had no explanation as to what happened. I had my suspicions. I am currently studying with Amy Majors who deals with rescue mediumship of earth-bound spirits, and this had a spirit temper tantrum written all over it.

If you are an energy worker, you understand on some level that we are all attempting in our way, with our own unique abilities and gifts, to raise the energy of the planet. This allows us to sense the higher frequencies around us and some of these frequencies include earthbound spirits. They are spirits that did not cross into the light when they died. They are held in the energy of the 4th dimension by their focus on our world. This keeps them between heaven and earth so to speak, preventing them from ascending into a higher plane where they can receive healing and join their loved ones in heaven.

These earthbound spirits can become trapped in the 4th dimension for a myriad of reasons, but all of them stem from fear. Fear is a dense energy that keeps them bound to our world. This can happen for example when there is a horrific tragedy, and they are in shock and do not always know that they are dead. They might be lost or confused as they search for anyone that can help them understand what happened to them. This does not happen to all spirits. Most of them cross into the light when they die. However, there are those who remain connected to our world for their personal reasons such as an attachment to a person, or a place or even fear of retribution for their life choices, that they cannot see the higher vibrational light at the time of their death. There are a lot of good movies about this including one of my favorites “The Sixth Sense” and a more recent one trending on Netflix called “We Have a Ghost.” I live in a historically significant town. My town, as well as the neighboring towns, suffered greatly from the impact of the civil war. There are ghosts walks here, and across our nation littered with stories of the paranormal. When I speak with people that live and work in my town that have felt the existence of these spirits, they admit that they greet them and are no longer weirded out by the strange goings on in their workplace. One business I know of is appreciative of their resident spirit as they believe she watches over their store. This prompted me to ask my teacher Ms. Majors, if it were healthy for earthbound spirits to live amongst us long term. I intuitively felt a twinge in my heart as I asked the question. My thoughts went immediately to one of my children and how I would feel if they were lost and unable to get home safely. Her answer reflected that knowing.

I would not advise people to attempt to help earthbound spirits cross over without learning how to do so safely. Ms. Major’s book “Light the Way” can give you a better understanding of this process if you feel this is your calling. I can see these spirits, when they choose to make their presence known. Often they are surprised that they can be seen. When they flicker lights, mess with the stereo and slam doors they are communicating the resounding message I am here. It takes a lot of their energy for them to communicate with us, so how do we help them without bringing harm to ourselves? First, we call in our spirit team to protect us and assist them with their transition. We then detach from any fear by tuning into our heart and focusing on the people we love which will elevate the energy in the space. This heightened vibe opens an energetic pathway for the earthbound spirit making it possible for them to attune to their spiritual team. At this point their team including their guardian angels will take over guiding them to their loved ones who are waiting with open arms to welcome them home.

If you're interested in connecting to spirit world or would like guidance on how you can best commune with spirit, there's no time like the present...

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