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An Exercise In Spirit Speak

Updated: Apr 2

It’s the holiday season! This time of peace and joy is key to communicating with your angels and guides.

Many people feel as though they have no ability when it comes to connecting with their guides, and that fear alone can interfere with the process. So, this is the perfect time of year to begin to explore this relationship as you are relaxed (still plenty of shopping days until Christmas) everything is beautifully decorated creating a magical ambiance, and love abounds because people’s hearts are open, and their spirit is generous. This heightened vibe creates the energy needed to make a connection with your guides as they exist in a higher dimension. The energy there is faster and finer. The more uplifted we are, the higher our vibe, making it easier to tune into a common frequency.

Your spirit guides are beings in heaven or on the other side that serve as your teachers and helpers. They guide you in your life to keep you on track for the soul mission you came to complete. Your raison d’être is not about an act you must accomplish in this lifetime such as writing a book, although it might include it! It is more about a mindset or pattern you chose to overcome such as a fear of abandonment. They will work with you as you create various scenarios that will test your ability to face your fears and expand your consciousness. Their work centers more around being ground control as you navigate the various aspects of your life. They are there to help find the people that can assist you in this world, as well as the information you need to surmount any obstacles. And let us not forget about their sending you loving encouragement as your fear and resilience ride together into your battlefields.

As they are in a higher dimension, they are not restricted by time and space to interact with you, so they are available to you always. They interact with your energy field, not your physical body and therefore can know everything you’ve ever experienced that is affecting you in your life. They have no interest in watching you take a shower, although bath time and shower time are good times to get guidance because water is a conduit of energy. They also have no interest in your sex life unless your self-esteem gets caught in the cross hairs in which they would guide you to work on your self-worth in order to attract healthier partnerships. How does it work? Spirit speak is a symbolic language. Using symbols conveys a precise meaning without using a lot of words or energy. If, for example, I showed you a picture of Santa Claus, you would think Christmas! There are universal symbols we all understand, and there are symbols specific to your culture and region. For this purpose of spirit speak, your only concern need be with your culture and region as that is what your spirit guides will draw from to communicate with you about you. How do you learn this language? Awareness is the short answer. Your guides have been communicating with you since the day you were born (really before you came to the earth, but who’s counting). What we are doing now is developing an awareness of that language so we can use it to answer our questions and concerns when you need a broader perspective. This language is taken from your life experience, so it is very specific to you. There are a number of energy workers that have developed systems of communication that they use to communicate in order to get guidance for their clients. While their information is accurate, their system was created based on their meanings associated with the symbols and may or may not resonate with you. This is good to keep in mind as it can be frustrating to memorize their definition for something you have a previous association with, in an attempt to get it right. There is no right way. There is only your way, so alleviate the pressure to conform and prepare to have fun!

Leave room for expanded meanings This language you are creating is not set in stone. Why? Because you are growing and shifting throughout your life and your language skills reflect that. So be flexible.

My favorite example of an expanded awareness was when a spirit showed up in a green suit. My first thought with the color green is the heart chakra, because I am interested in the chakra energy system and use it quite often in my work. I work to heal my own body through color healing which is a system of using a color to increase the flow of energy in certain parts of the body that are governed by specific chakras. I do this by eating foods of a certain color, wearing clothes that color and breathing that color into my body. Because I have organized my thinking this way, the color green means anything that is governed by the heart chakra, like healing emotional wounds or issues with the physical heart.

On this particular day, my client’s ex-husband in spirit shows up a green suit which I know has meaning for him and her. After exhausting my meanings for the color green, we still didn’t feel we discovered what he wanted her to know. She finally thinks to tell me that his last name is Green which was his way of validating for her that he was the one there. Voilà!...the color green now includes a surname for me. The spirit world has a sense of humor and will use it to keep your energy light. Again, this is in an effort to maintain the higher energy needed to keep the connection.

Your turn Find some time during this holiday season to observe people. It is always easier to see things about others that we may not be willing to embrace about ourselves. By taking the focus off of us, we can integrate our spirit speak faster, as we will be less likely to hold any resistance to this exercise. You will want to record this information to later look for patterns. These patterns will help you to establish parameters for your symbols, test your theory, and get validation.

Perch on a bench and watch people come and go. This isn’t a mental exercise, so no thinking allowed. In fact, stay away from your reasoning all together. We are accessing your creative intuitive side. I am going to start you off with sensing the color of someone’s energy field. This is a great place to begin as we all already have personal associations with colors. We have our favorite color and least favorite color. We have cultural associations with colors such as the color pink for a baby girl, or blue for a boy! When you see someone, tune in and ask what color their energy is today. You could see (in your mind’s eye) a color, the word of that color, feel that color, hear that word (with your psychic ears, like recalling a conversation you had that morning) etc. The goal is to begin to sense the energy of a person using color as your language. Pay attention to their body language as well which will provide context for the color you sense. For example, if I were to see someone shopping with a worried or stressed look on their face and see the color red I would associate (based on my knowledge of the chakra system) red with worry about finances and paying for the gifts. Root chakra is all about being able to meet your basic needs. If I saw bright eyes and a big smile along with the color orange, I would think their creativity just got fired up or that they were suddenly flooded with childhood memories, 2nd chakra associations. You don’t need to use the chakra system, if it ain’t your thang…the goal is to discover your thing.

This exercise will also help you to develop an empathic connection to others. As you get better and better at reading the auric field, you will be able to utilize that information when interacting with others. If I am in my favorite coffee shop and note that my barista seems exhausted and I feel red, I give an extra big tip to lift her spirits and ease her concerns around money. If you want to better understand how to handle a work situation and suddenly are given the color yellow, then you might choose (again, if you resonate with chakra energy system) to be more confident.

Your dictionary You are creating a dictionary of sorts and you will want to practice using it as much as possible to integrate the new information in your own energetic makeup. I cannot stress enough that this is your own personal language. Whatever definitions others assign to their meanings are specific to their life experiences. If you don’t have a definition, you can consider someone else’s and will know if it’s right for you if can use it naturally. If you have to stop and think about it, it will be challenging to receive that particular message from your guides as you just shifted out of your higher intuitive energy and into the lower mental body. Working with your guides is a rich rewarding experience. They love and adore the real you and are always seeking to bring you into alignment with your authentic self. It is natural to want to have a language you can use to connect with them when you want to better understand what is happening in your life. They, like the natives of a foreign country will appreciate your efforts and will do whatever they can to validate for you that they received your message.

I feel confident you will take to this as a duck does to water. In fact, to prove my point I am wishing you a merry Christmas in color language right now. What color combination did you receive?

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