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Love Knows No Bounds in Spirit

Updated: Apr 2

I work with the spirit world. I am grateful for those in the living that trust me to hear their stories of pain and to those in spirit that step forward to ease that pain and offer love as a path to healing.

During a session, my clients often give me messages to pass along to friends and family in spirit. I get a kick out of that notion because my job isn’t to help those in spirit hear you, it is to help you hear them. You do not need me, or anyone, to speak to or be heard by those on the other side. They exist on a higher plane where vibration is faster.

Since they no longer have a physical body and are not restricted by time, they can be with you anytime you call them.

So, why can’t you feel their presence if you’ve asked them to visit you? When you are in the lower vibrations of grief and despair, your energy is heavy. In order for you to sense them you have to raise your vibration as they lower or slow theirs in order to meet in the middle, which is the mediumship.

How do you raise your vibration? Remember the good times! Talk about their quirks! Share humorous stories! Any memory that evokes happy times will lift your energy. As you do that, your heart center expands and your intuition opens up. That is where energetically you are able to sense them. We are never abandoned by those that leave the earth plane. They do not hold grudges or judgement in the spirit world. They’ve moved out of duality into oneness. Any fear that existed in this world is no longer a part of their experience.

When we make the death of our loved ones more prevalent than their life, we miss the opportunity to connect with them. The next time they flicker through your mind, close your eyes and visualize them in your minds eye. Take a little time to share what’s on your mind and in your heart as though they were right next to you. You might be surprised at the feeling of peace that follows. As you increase your awareness of them, they will delight in visiting you in your dreams or sending you “ little hellos” from heaven like pennies, feathers, or soft touches on your head! You don’t need anyone else to connect to your friends or family in spirit. Why? Because…. “Love knows no reason, no boundaries, no distance. It has a sole intention of bringing people together to a time called forever" - Unknown.

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