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It's a Yin / Yang Thing

Ah fall…and the beautiful colors that come with it! A season that as the temperatures get cooler, we begin to spend a little more time indoors. We love pumpkins, football, and the holidays that are just around the corner. As we gear up for more festivities, it’s a good time to look at our space and feel it through our energy system.

What would you say if I invited you to an outdoor pool party (bikini and all) in the winter in 30-degree weather with snow on the ground? Or how eager would you be to attend a gathering chez moi where I’m serving soup and offer you a fork to lap it up with? Right…ludicrous. The obvious discomfort of temperature or frustration with finagling with the wrong utensil makes it clear in your mind and body something ain’t right. Let’s take a closer look and see if indeed you are doing this ridiculous thing, unbeknownst to you because you aren’t tuning into the effect this yin/yang thing in your home is having on your energetic body.

Every home has rooms that are divided up into active and quiet activities. The obvious rooms that are active are kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. The notable more zen spaces are bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. In a yang space the body is moving or performing a task. In a yin space the body is still and focusing the energy inward. In Feng Shui the area in the front of our home naturally is faster than the area in the back. This has to do with the energy that comes into the residence via the front door, as it lets in most of the energy needed to nurture the entire footprint (windows on the front let in a little energy). Why is this important? Because when we understand what we are asking our physical bodies to do energetically and accommodate those needs, we honor the people in the space.

If an active space is located at the back of the house, to bring it into balance you will need to add more yang energy in order to get the energy moving appropriately. That looks like bright lights, more smooth surfaces,and less belongings. We don’t want to prepare a meal if we feel exhausted or do laundry when we can barely keep our eyes open. Our bodies are responding to the slower energy flowing in these rooms. We need an energy boost! Not a Monster energy drink people, a shot of yang. If you are in a room in the front of the home where the energy is faster the body will struggle to relax. The energy is split in the physical body. The mind says, “we’re doing this” and the body says,” I’m not comfortable.” So, if the room’s function is asking the body to take anything in such as food, thoughtful conversation, or sleep, you will need to yin it up in order to mitigate the faster energy naturally flowing in the space. Soft music, big comfortable seating, rugs, low lighting, and collections of all kinds need to make their way into your design scheme. If not, your chances of feeling a bit anxious, experiencing indigestion or insomnia are increased.

This is one of those things where seeing is believing. You will notice the difference. How? You will feel it. As the energy comes into balance you will receive validation from friends and family. They will comment how great your house feels. They will make it a point to accept your invites. They also might linger making the night a little later than you anticipated. Solution? A big dose of yang energy! Turn up the lights, jump up, clap your hands and announce loudly you have a big day tomorrow and need your beauty sleep. It’s not rocket science people, it’s a matter of getting the hang of the yin and the yang!

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