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How to Stay Sane Amidst the Change

Updated: Apr 2

I remember when I was a little girl taking family trips to the beach. My favorite thing to do was to jump waves. I would get knocked under and hold my breath until I could make my way back to the surface. Sometimes I would twist and turn for what seemed like an eternity waiting for that moment to rise to the surface only to discover that the current had taken me further down the beach than I had expected. Life can be like this. It’s exciting and exhilarating until we get pulled into the undertow and then it becomes a quest for survival and feeling somewhat disoriented as we strive to make sense of change.

How do we stay sane when we’ve lost all sense of direction?

Get grounded.

Not like the punishment used to deprive us of our personal freedom when attempting to individuate from our parent’s generation, this type of grounding is about pulling the energy down from the head or thinking space into the physical body. It allows the body to discharge nervous energy and tap into the earth’s energy through the root chakra. The root chakra is the first chakra formed in the body. It is formed during the second trimester of gestation to 12 months of age. This chakra is located at the base of our spine (and one in each foot) and serves as the foundation of the chakra system. It is the largest and densest chakra we have so rooting into Gaia stabilizes our foundation (as all mothers do) anchoring our bodies (the home of our spirits) to our physical reality (where we do life).


Get physical! Anything that draws on the five senses is fair game. Running, walking, cooking, cleaning, having sex, gardening, and the lists goes on and on… By releasing the pent-up fearful energy, we create the space in the body for new ideas to move in and for the emotions that have been lurking in the shadows to make their way into the light.

What happens next?

You wait. Being shaken up by life calls for an adjustment period. Time and space give you a little room to sense the new flow. You can liken it to being a caterpillar in a cocoon. It doesn’t look like a lot is happening on the outside, but the inside is transforming exponentially. You’ll begin to feel the new rhythm seeking to makes its way into your life and will know instinctively when it’s time to emerge from the chrysalis. Being in the abyss is necessary in order to distance yourself from the dysfunctional parts of your life that until this very moment you’ve been avoiding. The challenging part in this phase is the time factor. We humans are used to running our lives by clocks and calendars. Shifts that happen due to emotional upheaval are not subject to a time piece…ever.

Come again?

Letting go and trusting there is plan and that everything is in divine order invites the mysterious into your life. Not knowing, being challenged, being pushed past your comfort zone, this is joy of life, baby! Staying complacent is not recommended or feasible. Recognizing that you’re moving out of balance is how you navigate this rocky terrain. You might feel discontent, scared or insecure. Letting that energy drive your decisions and/or actions won’t bring about the peace and joy you’re hoping for. You cannot find answers in the same energy in which problems were created. You must seek a higher vibration. By rooting into the earth’s energy, your energy can now sustain ascending and expanding, joining forces with universal wisdom (the interconnectedness of all).

A Mantra: “This is perfect for the way it needs to be today, and I am open to any and all doors that can present themselves at any moment in my life.” -Caroline Myss

Accept that being a hot mess is sometimes necessary to ignite your passion and transform your life. The minute you get honest with yourself about your true feelings is the minute healing moves in. ALL that happens next is part of the prescription to well being. Seriously… all of it. Trust the process. When you feel you need to exert more control in your life in order to feel normal, don’t. Release your grip on the ordinary and allow the extraordinary to show you a new path. By staying grounded during tough times, you drop down from your head into your heart where your spirit will take the lead. Those workouts, cookies, mopped floors, afternoon delights, and freshly cut flowers from the garden, serve to give you the time and space necessary to ready yourself for the unfurling of those beautiful new wings. They will carry you to a new vantage point where you (2.0) will start anew.

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