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How does energy build + support our desires?

Updated: Apr 2

Watching a bevy of kite surfers today inspired me to contemplate new and exciting adventures to add to my life!

I watched the wind lift the surfers out of the water and carry them several feet away, only to drop them into the ocean without a second thought as to how they would recover their balance and catch their next wave! To be open to the adventures of life and the new experiences she offers requires that we keep a few key concepts in mind of how energy builds and supports our desires.

Claudia Thompson, a wellness doctor and dietitian, expresses on her Instagram that getting clear on what we want to manifest and letting go of when and how it happens is the path to achieving our heart’s desire. As we get clear on what it is we want to experience, we allow our energy to fully flow through our higher self and join with the limitless power of the universe. We can be assured that what manifests as a result of that intention will always benefit us.

In her book “The Light Shall Set You Free,” Dr. Norma Milanovich states that we should frame our desire as a need as opposed to a want. A want is a desire that stems from the ego. When we consider all the things that we want, we split our energy. Our energy becomes weaker and more chaotic as it become enmeshed with all the possibilities of our imagination. We can become frustrated and confused with so many options which end up lowering our vibration creating unexpected and unwanted results. A need on the other hand, requires that we give more thought to our desire to determine what is necessary for our wellbeing. This added focus actually boosts the energy around our request. The energy around a need becomes even stronger than a want as most of us accept that we are worthy of receiving what we feel we need in life. So, by distinguishing between needs and wants, we naturally prioritize our needs and allow the energy to flow to our dream. Simply put: we get out of our own way when we consider our desire a need as opposed to a want.

Next, we need to add our voice. Milanovich also notes that sound is the second most important energy we can tap into to manifest our desires. Everything has a frequency and as the law of transmutation dictates, high energy trumps low energy. By keeping our thoughts positive and then voicing them out loud, we attune our creation to the highest frequency that’s available to us. The higher the frequency, the greater the outcome!

Another way to increase the energy around a desire is to write it down in the present tense, as though it is already happening. When we read the written statement, we can feel in our body if our words reflect our inner truth. Our body will always let us know where we are on our belief scale. If it feels way out there, like we can’t quite look you in the eye when we say what we believe is possible, then we’ve got work to do to change our worthiness around that topic. When we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it feels right down to our very core, we can relax knowing that it’s just a matter of time before it’s ours. Writing it down has the added advantage of being able to post it in key places. These are great reminders to keep us on track.

We must also make a little space for the transformation that happens when our creations are not in our highest and best interest. We might sense deep down that they will never see the light of day. I like the idea of being a kite surfer, but the reality of the time and energy that is needed to be safe and good at kite surfing is not a priority for me. If I attempted to pursue it continuing to tell myself I really wanted it, although I was not willing to put in the time or the effort, I would most likely have subpar experiences with it. My lack of passion and certainty would lower the energy around my being successful with this endeavor. Many people will be in lockstep with their resistance allowing it to continue to magnetize situations that are not healthy and vibrant, making them doubt in their own ability to manifest what they desire. They do not stop to consider how they are thinking about what they claim they want to create. Everything has a frequency, and its own timing, and not all dreams are meant to be realized. Sometimes missing the mark can be more powerful in that it leads to an even better creation than the one we may have initially set our sights on.

It takes choosing one idea and devoting some downtime to feeling what it would be like to live that creation. Daydreaming about our desire increases the energy around it helping it to grow bigger and become more magnetic to like energy. We also want to be grateful for the unexpected gifts we receive from the universe in the meantime. We are creating our reality every day. Those topics for which we hold zero resistance will happen quite easily like that lucky parking spot or great table at our favorite restaurant. Being appreciative of these small moments will buoy our faith when our more challenging manifestations are running behind our timeline. Some manifestations simply take longer to bring about because some pieces in our understanding must fall into place before we can receive the essence of our creation. Bottom line, keep the faith.

Now think back to the kite surfer. Can you see how they must hold the vision of balancing their body amidst many unexpected occurrences? There are a lot of unknowns in nature! If they take their focus off being present and start considering what could go wrong, they cut off their access to their natural rhythm. They run the risk of lowering their high vibe with the lower frequency of fear and anxiety making them more susceptible to wiping out. The story of our lives tells us how we are focusing on our true desires.

If you are ready to take back your power and become the magnificent creator you were born to be, then keep the following in mind: Get clear. Have fun. Stay present. Be flexible. Feel worthy. And get stoked… because you’ll be shredding your best life in no time… yew!

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