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Updated: Apr 2

Samhain is the midpoint between the fall equinox and the winter solstice.

“At Samhain, it is clear our inner world is overtaking our outer. Day is turning into night as we move into the dark side of the wheel of the year.” — The Seasonal Soul

Much like a crop, everything above ground gets taken by the frost so energy can move down into the earth and rest, readying itself for the fresh ideas that will inspire and empower our lives. The energy we spend cultivating our inner garden is essential to that process. We can use this time of in-betweento parse our goals to determine if we are on track or in need of a course correction so we can feel more fulfilled in our work and our relationships. That time is a-coming. The energy of the lunar eclipse we just experienced combined with the power of Samhain creates a whirlwind of confusion and dismay making it challenging to get our bearings. What might you feel like over the next few weeks, having just experienced the combination of these powerful forces?

Exhausted. You might notice that your body is off. Your sleep cycles might get interrupted as you spend your nights receiving the new energy that making its way into your consciousness.  

Heavy. You are probably binging on comfort foods, as your mind searches for ways to recreate the feelings of home. Since Taurus just demanded we take a closer look at our physicality, there could also be underlying feelings of guilt associated with your intake as well as your lack of exertion contributing to the heaviness in your body.

Nauseous. You might feel sick to your stomach and dizzy as you experience the higher vibrational energy. Your energetic body is shifting, and the physical symptoms associated with those changes is not always pleasant.

Weepy. As you say goodbye to a lifetime of old patterning there might be some sadness around letting go. This winter is a great time to journal to channel those losses into clarity by seeing your choices in black and white. Accepting your new circumstances will always go more smoothly if you realize it was you that made the decision to move in a new way even at the behest of another.  

Fearful. Fear is running rampant and will most likely leave you feeling unsettled. There has been a lot of collective fear that has been released, and those of us sensitive to energy are feeling the effects. There is a new timeline many of us are shifting over to, and those that are still operating in a dualistic reality are amping up the negativity. Take a little extra time to nurture yourself and be sure to stick to your meditation routines. By staying connected to your spirit you create a stronger forcefield keeping the lower vibrations from impacting you.

Surrender. We used to believe our ability to be successful required hard work and good luck. Now we know that being successful starts by loving and accepting ourselves and by making empowering choices. This moves us faster into our signature vibration, attracting all the experiences that are meant for us, to us. Bashar, a spiritual being that is channeled through Darryl Anka, explains in one of his posts that we are not meant to change our vibration to align with the energy of the things we want to experience. We are to allow our core vibration to illuminate our entire being attracting to us everything that is “meant for us” in this lifetime. If we hold onto situations, ideas or people that are not in alignment with our natural vibration we will keep situations, ideas and people that are meant for us away.

Allow.  By blessing all of our exchanges and allowing our situation to be as it is, without feeling the need to make it any different, we move closer to our innate vibration. We will awaken in the spring to a new paradigm that will feel more natural and effortless. We will notice all that is for us in the world, having taken our focus off of the opposition. So, take heart as you allow your pendulum to come to center. We no longer have to conquer the world, merely open our heart and arms to all that is before us.

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