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Highlights, Heating Systems + the Law of Attraction

Updated: Apr 2

Remember Highlights’ hidden pictures? These are pictures of common scenes that have images hidden within them. For example, a moving day scene could have a picture of a domino hidden on the side of stacked boxes. This puzzle develops a child’s ability to recognize a figure in a different context. As adults, I propose we use everyday life as our puzzle and transform our current experience by locating our hidden limiting belief.

Our interactions with others are our common scenes. We participate in these scenes by enacting patterns that are shaped by our life experiences and reflect our ongoing beliefs. When we change our awareness, we change our energy creating a new possibility. This is the law of attraction.

Looking at the picture presented: (the hidden energy that I am responding to is camouflaged in bold print and reflects my sense of the hvac guy’s attitude)

I am doing a renovation to change a house to reflect my new vision of it. I meet with an HVAC guy to determine how to add ductwork to a room to eliminate a mini split unit (The unit that hangs on the wall that is not tied into a home’s heating and air system). He confidently tells me that I don’t want to do that, it would be better to buy a newer mini split. (This is what needs to happen.) I restate that I plan on eliminating the mini split. He says he is not sure the additional load on the house can be carried by the current hvac unit. (Do this my way; I am the expert.) Me: how do we find that out? Who knows the answer to that? Can we talk to that person? He then tells me he isn’t sure he can get the duct work up there. (It’s a lot of effort and it would be easier if you simply agree with me and upgrade to a newer unit.) I propose we create a chase in the laundry room, can we consider that? He tells me there is not enough headroom to get duct work to the other side of the room. Can we have two vents on one side then? (Lady, that requires my calculating the load by counting all the windows and doors and vents to determine…just trust me, this is better!) This exchange continues leaving the both of us frustrated. Once he leaves, I mention to my contractor that this gentleman is not working towards helping me achieve my goal. I need a can-do attitude, not a bevy of reasons I should buy a newer unit to replace a unit I already have. Spotting the hidden image We are discussing the HVAC system, but the energy behind those words has resulted in a power struggle which is the first clue that I am in a dualistic mentality that leaves both of us fighting to defend our stance. We are not going to achieve anything in this energy. What’s really bugging me? Is it that I feel he doesn’t know his trade? No, he clearly is knowledgeable about this industry. Then what? I suppose it’s that I am not feeling heard. I do not believe he wants to help me get rid of this unit; he wants to sell me a new unit. Where does that thought take me? My thoughts now go to the times in my past that I worked with men and had to tap dance around their egos. Back then I was younger and unsure of myself. I often felt that I had to yield to their vision.

Circle the image and give it new context From an energetic stance I am sending out energy that is focused on fear: he will decide I cannot have what I want. Anything we focus on becomes more intense making it impossible for the universe to ignore. I am feeling very triggered by him as he now represents all the men in my life that have had total disregard for what I wanted in a given situation. The universe is doing what it always does which is to match my energy with an experience in the physical world. This is why this gentleman cannot hear my request and continues with his agenda of promoting a mini split.

I need to change my vibration if I am going to change this outcome. I must get clear on how I feel and what I believe to be possible. Once I let go of my fear that he controls my outcome, I can hold my desire of eliminating the mini split, without letting his opinion take me down memory lane.

The goal to living your bliss is not to put a smiley face on every challenging situation you encounter. Let this natural law of the universe transform your world, by addressing your limitations. Look at the experience, determine what you want, and focus on ways to stay connected to that energy. The law of attraction is enacted at all times, not just when you want to find love or make a lot of money. By examining your exchanges each day, you will see a pattern of how you are participating in your story. By pinpointing the essence of your experience and being willing to give it new context, you slowly shift your vibration. How do I know it works? Well let’s just say I’m not buying a new mini split.

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