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Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

Updated: Apr 2

Last weekend I had dinner with friends and felt so grateful to be with such awesome people. Think back to the times that you gathered with those you hadn’t seen in a while and nutshelled each other as to what was new and different in order to share your lives. I was having one of these mini conversations with an old friend and she asked me to remind her of my date’s name. As I did, I added a fun way to remember his name to avoid any awkwardness between them. She looked at me and said, “I don’t need help remembering that name. I had a good friend named ….”

Nothing is more powerful than the sound of your own voice and using the vibrational frequency of another by saying their name is a powerful way to open the door for spirit connection. As she shared what her friend meant to her, I suddenly saw him (with my psychic vision) standing next to her holding a guitar. I don’t tune into the spirit world typically during my social time but made an exception as this felt important. When a spirit shows themselves to me, how they look is relevant to my client. What they are wearing, doing, or even holding is meant to convey information that will help my client know who they are. I simply say what I see and hope for the best!

I asked if he played the guitar, and just like that they reunited. A few minutes later her husband suddenly had a story to share about him in his convo taking place on the other side of the room. I knew this spirit’s energy permeated the room now as the love flowed from this beautiful soul that came to say, “I’m doing well and loving you both for all that we shared in life. Thank you for your friendship.”

That’s all it takes! An invitation by us through a mere memory and those in spirit are right by our side. The energy of appreciation and gratitude is heightened this time of the year as people are filled with the holiday spirit. It’s a vibrational world, so as yours elevates, you can sense more of the unseen. They are happy to flood you with good memories, give you goosebumps by standing next to you, and even flicker the lights by manipulating the electricity to communicate their presence. These “hellos” are not meant to freak you out, they are meant to fill you to the brim with all the love they have for you. They say, “I’m here, still watching, supporting, and loving all that you are!”

Let this be the year that you suspend the ordinary and go for the extraordinary! Set a place at your table for one person that is in spirit with the intention of having them join you for your Thanksgiving dinner. Go around the table and share your favorite memory of them, or something special you wish them to now know about you as though you are getting a do over, because you are.

As we celebrate this harvest season, let us remember that “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched-they must be felt with the heart”-Helen Keller

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