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Good Ol' College Try

Updated: Apr 2

I discovered a disadvantage to belonging to a third-party phone network that was impacting me negatively, so I headed to my nearest Verizon store to remedy the situation. I arrived at ten thirty a.m. and due to unforeseen circumstances by one thirty p.m. I was reaching my breaking point. It was a Friday, and I was racing against the clock to secure a good parking spot in my garage before the influx of people arrived for our town’s long-anticipated wine festival. Defeated, I left the store waving my white flag. I then noticed a nearby Staples and felt the urge to get a few office supplies. I was hoping somewhere in their inventory I might find a new perspective to put into my basket.

What I have not revealed to you dear reader, is my love of office supplies. I have spent countless hours looking for the perfect pocket calendar and file folders all in the name of great organization. I’ll admit it, I’m an organizational junkie. What really started to turn the tables on my mood was my catching a glimpse of the vibrant colors of the sticky notes and finding a plethora of blank memo pads. No lines for this gal. I have big handwriting and love to make lists. Turning my attention away from the heavy energy of phone land and exploring the land of interesting office products relieved my stress. I added in a small cup of cake batter frozen yogurt for sustenance from the Sweet Frog and headed back into the fray to give my situation the good old college try.

The Good Old College Try:

  1. Accept what is happening at the moment. (Surrender your agenda)

  2. Look for who is helping you and how they are specifically helping you. (Show gratitude)

  3. Use your imagination to see the result you want. (Visualize a new possibility)

  4. Pray for help. (Let the universe partner with you by stating your need and then trust a new solution is already on its way)

I can say with pride that I am once again a Verizon customer with a beautiful new phone to boot! By changing my attitude in Staples, I changed the outcome of my experience in the Verizon store. I stopped the energetic momentum from continuing its downward spiral by choosing not to focus on my frustration, but on my vision of my walking out of the store feeling pleased as punch with my new phone plan instead. There were a few tense moments, but I got through them. I stopped letting my preconceived notions (these people need to do x in order for me to feel better) of what I expected to happen and allowed the situation to unfold in its own way, trusting somehow this would work to my advantage. Every thought we think carries a vibration. When we focus on that thought we increase its vibration attracting like energy to it making it stronger until it is ready to be birthed into our physical world. So how we think about our goal is the key to getting it to manifest in a way we want to experience it. It’s true I wanted a new phone plan, but my overriding thoughts centered around the negative aspects of the process: I need to do this in a hurry, or I will not be able to get a parking spot in the garage near my apartment. Every time I do a phone thing, it takes forever. I’m hungry and not going to be able to eat lunch anytime soon. I cannot possibly be the first person to have these issues. What’s their deal?? With each limiting thought came a limiting circumstance, and these are just the thoughts I had in the store. I had a whole host of other negative thoughts at home leading up to the adventure.

When I was willing to shift my focus to having a phone plan that worked well for me and allowed my thoughts to stay with that objective, I moved out of powerlessness. My mood and telepathic messages went from being frustrated with the people who stood in my way, to championing their efforts to support me. Suddenly, as if they were reading my mind (and they were as we all pick up on those messages subconsciously), they looked for new solutions. Moral of the story? When you find yourself moving in frenzy, unable to accomplish your goals, consider utilizing the good old college try. Our thoughts dictate our experiences. Whatever we are living is a testament to our success in thinking the thoughts needed to support that experience. Want a different result? Well, you know what needs to happen….

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