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Good night, sleep tight!

When I visit a home for a feng shui consultation, I usually ask, “How do you sleep?” This is an extremely important question from an energetic stance because it is during our sleep time that our physical bodies return to perfect health. Why? When we fall asleep, we lose all resistance and our physical bodies come back into alignment with well-being. Resistance in our waking hours keeps us in a limited perspective with known outcomes and often fear based assumptions. Having 6 to 8 hours in complete and utter bliss works wonders for our health!

During a consultation I check the bedroom for anything that might affect the energy of the space making sleep a little more elusive for some. What are the offenders in the bedroom you might want to steer clear of?

1: clutter in the bedroom Clutter slows the energy down in space and in doing so it keeps the nurturing energy in a space from being able to move about in a healthy way. I check under and around beds for this stagnant energy. The energy needs to circulate around the body during sleep to raise the energy as high as possible to nurture the etheric body aiding in a positive health vibration. 2: mirrors in the bedroom We use mirrors in feng shui to activate energy. The energy we are striving for in a bedroom is one of peace and relaxation, which is the opposite of the increased energy mirrors can bring to a space. If this is the culprit, a cloth or scarf covering it can bring the space back into balance. 3: activity in the bedroom I’m not talking sex people! This is gym equipment, desks, and anything else one might think to locate in this space simply because there is some additional square footage in this room. Again, we are asking the physical body to relax and surrender to sleep during the night, so anything that carries the energy of engaging the body, or the mind challenges that peaceful environment.

4: doors that line up A little more sneaky to identify right off the bat to the novice, but this alignment quickens the flow of energy. This is namely because people tend not to put anything in the path between the two doors (makes complete sense to me!) making the energy flow even more swiftly between the two points. This fast-moving energy tells the body to stay present or be on alert. You can’t be at peace and be prepared to defend yourself at the same time, so this splits the energy creating a drain on the physical body. Couple that with little sleep and you have the perfect storm for dis-ease to settle in for the night, and sometimes to move in for an extended stay.

5: beds located directly in front of a door Doorway energy is the harshest energy in a space because the energy comes in at a greater force in order to carry enough vitality to circulate around the entire room. Anyone placing their body directly across from this energy will feel the effects. The physical body will do its level best to sustain this harsh energy for as long as it can. Eventually, it will penetrate the energy layers around the body creating a pathway for dis-ease in the physical body. The resulting issue will be determined by the thoughts the individual has been focused on for quite some time. Stressed or worried? That could look like digestive issues or shoulder pain. Fear around relationships could lead to heart issues. The point being that a lack of sleep, coupled with being in fast moving energy keeps the body from relaxing and restoring during the night.

When creating your sanctuary keep in mind that you want to feel like you are in a resort or spa. You want everything you see to inspire tranquility and peace. You want everything you touch to feel soft and cuddly. The lighting needs to be low and at times dark for daytime naps. A rug under your feet will not only feel good on cold mornings but keep dirt from making its way between the sheets!

Remember you are setting the stage for your body to heal. So, take a good look at your space and see if you can place a check mark next to any of the above. Awareness is always the first step in change. Making your bedroom a priority in design really does set the stage for living your best life. Good night, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bug’s bite!!

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