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Giving Thanks

Updated: Apr 2

I am spiritual medium and intuitive designer. Some of my skills include communicating with the spirit world via spirit speak in order to get guidance for my clients; balancing spaces using my knowledge of Feng Shui principles in homes and businesses to bring about a feeling of peace and harmony; and teaching others about energy work.

I did not wake up one day knowing how to do all of these things for other people. My craft, always in a state of growth, is one that I have honed over time using any and every opportunity my spirit team puts before me to fulfill my soul contract in this lifetime. My life has taken many twists and turns, but with each one, I found people in various situations that trained me for the work I do today.

Ever stop to think about all the jobs you’ve held in life? I’m not talking about the low pay or long hours (although there is much to gained from wanting to transform those circumstances) but more along the lines of developing the next set of skills needed to support your journey.

School teacher and mother in training My first job was as a babysitter for a family that owned a parachuting business. I made $20.00 a Saturday for watching their little girl. I had a few other babysitting gigs. They all gave me insight into caring for kids, helping to take care of a family and being a trustworthy person that they could depend on. Not one to waste time, I would use the kids’ nap time or bedtime to fold laundry, clean the kitchen and pick up the toys. Their parents came home to a clean, calm home and children fast on their way to lala land. This was a great introduction into how the minds of children work, how to cooperate with them in order to get things accomplished (homework etc.) and how to be responsible for those precious souls placed into my care.

The service industry I waited tables in both high school and college. Waitressing helped me learn how to make polite conversation with strangers and fine-tuned my ability to anticipate people’s needs. (My tips depended on it!) When I work with people today I recognize that they are entrusting me with their vulnerability. Building rapport quickly with people is crucial to my sessions.

I also took a job in retail at a gift shop within walking distance to my college campus as I wasn’t permitted a car on campus the first year. That job shook my faith in myself. While I learned how to tie a beautiful bow and the difference between a flowerpot and cache pot, my confidence took a beating. The store owner was pretty hard on me, sometimes reducing me to tears. My takeaway? I learned that I was the keeper of my mind and of my body, and I would have to stand up for myself. I cried through my first meeting with the owners as I explained I was having a tough time with the way I was being treated. That job helped me to thicken my skin and was the beginning of my learning to hold my personal boundaries.

Not everyone will appreciate the work I do. I cannot allow their attitudes to affect my ability to do my job. I’m not Teflon, but I am clear enough in my sense of self that I do not make the shoe fit in order to win my client’s approval. I give what I get and allow Spirit to be in charge of the rest. Does it always make sense to me? No. Does it always make sense to them during the reading? No. Will it in the near future if they are open to the information? You betcha!

My time abroad Next up came running a language lab, teaching English conversation to French students in France. My time there was beneficial as I learned a lot about communication. With any foreign language there is a significant amount of time you spend inferring meaning based on speech signal and body language. These are the same skills I rely on today in my spirit speak. I must pay attention to the image the spirit presents and listen carefully to their wording so as to deliver an accurate message. When I am not sure what they want to convey, I look at the scene they are showing me to glean context and I look at their faces to assess cues. Observing minimal cues contributes to my sensory acuity in hearing a change in vibration. These all give my clients evidence that the person that showed up is someone that is relevant to their life experience. Living in a foreign country and practicing a foreign language daily helped me develop these skills. That job led to a French teaching position in the US where I got to practice the theory of teaching that I learned in college as I held a teaching certificate for kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Building confidence as a designer I always loved design. I used to pour over magazines and study how rooms were arranged. I noted fabric choice, shapes and sizes of furniture and what types of design were en vogue. I loved arranging and rearranging spaces. I could feel in my body when things were out of balance and would move something in order to regain equilibrium in a room. When the boys were in high school, we moved to Georgia. I decided it was a good time to add a little more knowledge to my repertoire. I can remember visiting Timpson Creek Galleries and being drawn to the beautiful things in the store, the creek and picnic table outside. I could imagine taking breaks there to restore my energy if things got too busy. (Time for yourself in retail? Was I crazy or what?)

Cecile Thompson, the owner and designer of the store hired me and began to teach me about all things design. She would walk in and say, “This space needs to be completely different” and walk out. Amazed at her confidence in me, my imagination would get fired up. Cecile is one of a kind. She showed me day in and day out the value of being yourself. She never changed who she was for anyone! I was in awe of her. She would add accessories to my vignettes that prompted me to ask, “can you put those things together?” To which she would reply, “you can do whatever you want!”

Working for Cecile changed me. I started to see myself through her eyes. As her faith in me grew, so too did my ability to try new things. No longer afraid of making mistakes, I began to take chances in design. This job helped me to consult my knowledge of Feng Shui but not be limited by it. Feng Shui principles can be very rigid. In our western culture it is not always feasible to change doors and windows to stop energy leaks. My time at Timpson creek under Cecile’s tutelage helped me trust my instincts when I am designing a space. I know how to make spaces feel good and nurture the people in them. My design sense is practical as well. Having raised a large family, I understand how people use a space and know how to stay within a budget to boot!

Cecile Thompson, I appreciate your loving guidance, creativity and free spirit! I have said on many occasions that all energy connects. We like to think things happen in isolation, but actually there is always a point of attraction running in the background of our lives matching us to certain experiences as we broadcast our thoughts and feelings via our vibes. Our team of guides and angels are working with us via our six senses to help us along our path. The places we go and the people we meet are all part of our plan for growth.

As this season of Thanksgiving rolls around this year think about the people and experiences that have shaped you. These people for better or for worse have made you who you are today either through their encouragement or through their criticism. Each time you said yes to life and took a job, you had the choice to become a beautiful, talented, confident person or perhaps an even stronger, wiser, more capable woman doing life on your terms. As you gather with family and friends this thanksgiving, take a moment to appreciate some of the people along the way that took a chance on you because they saw something special in you. We would not be the people we are, doing the work that we do without them!

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