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Finding Your Fortune

Updated: Apr 2

In tarot, the Wheel of Fortune card is a major arcana card. There are twenty-two of these big wigs in a tarot deck. What makes them different from the minor arcana cards (suit cards numbered one through ten and the court cards) is their sweeping effect on our life experience. These major cards are about soul movements. When we are veering off our path, they take over to help us course correct. If we are in alignment with our soul’s journey, they will reward us for following our guidance.

The Wheel of Fortune is indictive of change. That wheel is spinning and however we are positioned upon it will determine if we are ready to meet lady luck or are simply s.o.l. Energy is always in motion, so when we move in a flow, we are sensing our own rhythm and moving in tandem with universal forces. When we are afraid and contract our energy and therefore our movement, we are attempting to stop the wheel. That resistance can build up so much momentum that when the wheel finally does turn we are left feeling like we are playing the mystery round with everything we hold near and dear on the line.

Solving the puzzle

We never experience the energy of a trump card out of the blue. We are always given an opportunity to honor our heart. When we ignore or avoid making the changes necessary to expand our consciousness, then just like a stern parent the universe will step in to lead the way. A major arcana movement will leave us feeling discombobulated. So, memorize this phrase tout de suite: this is happening for me, not to me. The key to keeping our balance through change is to stay centered. When we position ourselves in the center of the wheel, we reduce its impact. To do this we must be in touch with our spirit and honor its directives. We have soul missions that we want to achieve in this lifetime, and we must be able to meet certain people at specific times, and in certain places in order to accomplish those undertakings. If we miss those openings, it changes the trajectory of our lives and with it our ability to stay in integrity with our higher selves.

Round and round she goes

Energy is easy to work with as long as we understand that all energy connects. The universe is vast and inclusive energy so categories and compartments are not a thing in that realm. The universe reads vibration, and that’s it. Our vibration is our intention; not what we say, but how we truly feel. When we pick up a weird vibe from someone that gives us the heebie jeebies, we are reading vibration. They might look normal enough and they can be saying all the “right” things, but their true intention behind that façade is what counts in the nonphysical world. This is the energy that is read and responded to in equal measure. Where in your life are you anything but blissfully happy? Those areas are up for grabs when it comes to your destiny.

If there is something you truly hope to experience in this lifetime and have yet to manifest it, then this trump card is coming for you. Let’s take money as an example. My mother always emphasized that money is a tool: no more and no less. It can buy you things and make life easier, but it cannot feed the spirit. The spirit resides on a higher plane where the currency is not the dollar, the euro or the yen, but rather the energy of exchange.When you give and receive with a generous spirit you keep the flow going. If you have your money in vice grip and a shield on your heart, nothing gets out, but nothing comes in so joining with another in any meaningful way might be elusive. If you spend all of your money and can only do for others, everything goes out, nothing comes in making being nurtured and seen by others a fantasy. The universe matches what you believe you deserve in the very core of your being. We might be talking about money, but in a vibrational world all areas of your life are affected by these patterns.

Where she stops, nobody knows

It’s time to give chase to the energy behind your experiences. Awareness is key in energy work. Exchanges with others are never about the argument you are having or the frustration you are experiencing. There is a mindset or pattern that’s keeping you on the outer edges of the wheel instead of near the hub. Healthy exchange is needed to keep us in a flow of life. When we move too far in one direction the wheel of fortune will begin to turn and lady justice, the next trump card on the soul’s journey, will even the odds. We come into the world as card zero, the fool, somewhat naïve, and leave as card number twenty-two, the world, more experienced. Card number ten, the wheel of fortune is midway through your journey. This archetype ensures we have a good chance to fulfill our hearts desire by keeping our lives moving forward. Once it is in motion our only job is to keep our eyes lifted on the downturn, as we prepare for the upswing!

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