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Dear Life, Let's Play Ball

Updated: Apr 2

Life’s rolling along and you’re feeling confident and BAM out of the blue you have an experience that causes you to question yourself. You notice that you’re having a few doubts about something that normally wouldn’t rattle you. What’s that about?

Out of left field…

This is the nature of expanding your vibration. You have forgotten that a week ago you were in a stadium with some peanuts and cracker jack, and you secretly made a wish for more financial stability or a passionate relationship. Come again? This is a real headscratcher UNLESS you remember that all energy connects. It is impossible to compartmentalize energy as we are accustomed to thinking. It simply refuses to be confined! It is constantly flowing, energizing all that you think and feel about. You asked for more, and that means that you now must expand into the more awaiting you. No longer will you be satisfied rounding the bases of life on the proverbial diamond.

Hey batter, batter SWING! These challenges or tests come in all packages and affect all areas of your life. What better way to get clear that where you are is no longer satisfactory than to be thrown a curve ball? Its job is to shake things up and to test your ability to hold the energy of where you are (no change) or to allow more energy into your life (growth). The beauty of universal wisdom is that it knows precisely what buttons to push to get you pay attention.

You want more love in your life? Let’s see if you can hold the vibration of love when someone is criticizing your work. Not only are you being challenged to have compassion for them, but more importantly, can you offer yourself love in the moments that the outside world tells you you aren’t good enough? One step further…can you comprehend that their criticism of you is simply a projection of their lack of self-worth? ...ballgame!

Choking up on the bat

It’s a natural reaction to grip harder when we feel a loss of control. We want to go on the defensive and to hold our stance because our pride has been wounded, but this experience is serving you in a much greater way. You are being offered the chance to feel your way through what someone else is telling you and decide if it warrants change on your part. Which voice will you listen to? It might simply be an opportunity to stand your ground (hold a boundary), not engage in their fear and offer love (draw your energy up to heart chakra where compassion lives) or shift (expand into a better version of yourself by adding a new skill set you aren’t aware you need, but the universe knows in 6 month you’ll come to rely on).

Step up to the plate

It’s never easy when we’re in the middle of chaos to see the bigger picture. This is when it is helpful to go over the details of an experience in third person. Tell the story as though you are NOT the main character. Detaching from the experience emotionally allows us to examine what is activating us.

The obvious answer is “they are, Sabrina! They are activating me!!” The less obvious but more significant answer is “there is something they are doing that is unsettling to me. If it can’t be about them, then what are they showing me about me?” Focusing on the other person only serves to delay the lesson being offered. If we can take a breath and figure out how this exchange is serving our highest and best, we can now have a true playbook that will offer us a greater opportunity to expand our consciousness.

I like to remind my clients that issues that arise between people always serve both parties. There is something to be gained if people are open to healing and resolution. Demonstrating your ability to hold your personal power and participate in the healing of self and others is the real game at play.


1. You get more than 3 strikes 2. Foul balls can demonstrate that you’re deviating from your path. 3. The outfield experiences build confidence for infield exchanges. 4. You can’t control the pitch, but you can control your response to it. 5. And finally, when life gets tough, remember you’re on a team.

You have the spirit within that serves as your third base coach waving you home. Your friends and family are your greatest fans. And no matter what the scoreboard says, just being willing to pick up the bat makes you a winner.

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