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Updated: Apr 2

“Life shrinks or expands according to one’s courage.” - Anaïs Nin

In energy work we speak about ascension. Ascension in this sense is detaching from the five sensory world and raising our awareness through our sixth sense(s) in order to feel connected to all people, places and things. Third dimensional living is living for the self; fifth dimensional living is living in unity with all that is around us, both in the seen and unseen world — the difference being what we cultivate in our fourth chakra or heart space.

How we feel about ourselves, and others is energized in the heart. It asks us to feel love for our fellow human beings recognizing that the personality is merely a small portion of the person standing before us. As we filter our thoughts and emotions through the love of the heart chakra, we can feel confident that any words generated from the emotional and mental body of the will center (3rd chakra) are now ready to be spoken with compassion. As these truths align with our values, they inspire us and all those that resonate with our messages. When we are unsure of our next step, we can choose to enter the void to give ourselves the space we need to generate curiosity and wonder. This chrysalis allows our intuition to sharpen as it leads us on our journey into the unknown keeping us in our flow and on our toes!

This space of surrender is not to be feared. We are not tapping out or crying uncle. We are opening our eyes wider, seeing new possibility replacing the regimen and routines that have tethered us to the safety of our lives. Our thoughts are connected to our life experiences. If we are not opening ourselves to new and different thoughtforms, we will grow stale and stagnant. Our free-flowing nature becomes weighted with the desire to seek approval, shrinking our depth and therefore our reach in the world. When we search for validation, we attract those that challenge our ideals in an effort to dominate us. Now we find ourselves in the position of rebelling in order to win our freedom. By having a strong sense of self and looking within instead of without, we can express our creativity without sacrificing our integrity. There is nothing to prove, so we do not need to attract situations that activate our flight or fight responses. We must learn to detach from our expectations and the expectations of others. This is what is now being set in motion energetically at this time. This is the awakening. This is the path to raising our vibration. As we release what we have held onto so tightly, we make room for new awareness. This happens with the help of the heart or the coeur as the French say. We need coeur-age to conquer the fear created by the ego’s need to be in control. The soul does not want to vanquish the ego. On the contrary, the soul recognizes the gifts the ego offers in its own growth.

By feeding on adventure instead of anxiety, we restore our spirit back to its origin. We use the lessons of life as guideposts, allowing our discernment to be our amor, not our fear. This frees up our energy to move into our vulnerability and connect heart to heart. By offering total transparency, we eliminate any need to play games. When we are disappointed, we know we are attached to a specific outcome. That is our cue to surrender. The prayer now becomes, I choose in this moment to align with the highest and best outcome for all of those involved, and then we add a little coeur-age from the heart chakra for good measure and let. it. go.

What happens next cannot be written. It is not meant to be known at this time. This is our journey of discovery and there is no map. When we see life as interesting, we create the energy for the unusual. From here we are meant to investigate and uncover our deepest passions. The fifth chakra is where we will share those realizations with the world. Our spirit has a plan. We only have to drop a foot down from the head, into the heart and trust. Godspeed.

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