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Christmas + Feng Shui

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Go into any retail store and you will feel that you are already behind in buying gifts on behalf of Jolly Old Saint Nicholas. As the retail industry sets you up to spend, spend, spend…I want to arm you with a secret Feng Shui weapon that will help you hold, hold, hold abundant energy in your home and bank account.

I’m going to teach you to look for, identify, and shore up a major energy leak that most people feel but don’t know what it is or how to change it. I’m offering this info well in advance of Christmas as this remedy needs at least 30 days to take effect and I don’t want you to stress out during the most wonderful time of the year!

What’s an energy leak?

Energy leaks in Feng Shui are areas where the energy flows out of the home instead of staying within the house’s structure. The goal is to have new, vibrant energy enter your home via the front door, and flow around to all the rooms before making its way out of the house. All rooms in Feng Shui play a role in the well-being of the occupants in the home. When some areas don’t get fed energy, they place a burden on the other areas depleting them in both in physical (example “clutter”) and emotional (like family, health, relationships and wealth) function. I want you to remember this phrase: “Where goes sight, so goes energy”. That means whatever captures the eyes is where the energy is being directed…and sometimes that looks like right out of the window that has an amazing view!

The in, out

When the front door and the back door or a window with a view are lined up in a home, the energy comes in and leaves in one fell swoop taking your abundance with it! None of the other rooms are given the opportunity to receive nourishing energy flow. Believe it or not, changing this aspect is easy to do and will yield results. No, I do not expect you to change the physical structure by moving doors or windows, we simply want to redirect or slow the energy and send it in the direction of the other rooms in your home. If it is indeed the doors that are lined up, most people leave this area as a passageway. They do not obstruct either door with furnishings, so the flow of energy moves quickly. Think “if a dog could race from front to back skidding sideways into the back door”, then that is how fast energy, and your wealth is leaving the space! If it’s a door/window with view combo, then the furniture most likely gets placed in some configuration between the two. Here’s something interesting to watch for: most people will not choose to sit on the piece of furniture directly in the pathway of the front door. They will not gravitate to the seat where their back or front is to the front door because they feel the energy is unstable. Most people will naturally tuck their bodies out of this line of energy. Only the unlucky person who enters the room last, will take that spot because there is no other option. They will probably fidget and find reasons to get up often, as it is too harsh of an energy to stay in for long periods of time.

No Worries...I got you.

An easy cure for this energy leak is a round multifaceted crystal hanging on a 9-inch red string in your ceiling about midway between the two points. The weight of the crystal should be in proportion to the size of your home. If you have a small home with low ceilings, then a 30mm should do the trick. If your home is a bit more substantial, then you’re looking at a 40- or 50-mm crystal.

This is a transcendental cure, meaning a higher dimensional cure. Time moves faster in higher dimensions, so it works quickly. Red is an auspicious color in the Chinese culture. The length and color of the string come from the traditions of the more Classical Feng Shui principles. This crystal works by spinning the energy from the front door into all directions (the reason the shape multifaceted, and round are important). The red color is also an activator of energy, so if it grabs attention (where goes sight…), then that crystal is getting fed (increasing the energy) and stopping the eyes from looking out of the door or window. Mission accomplished! I suggest that my clients write down on their calendar when they hang it, give it 30 days and note any changes. It could be they find out that the items on their Christmas list are on sale, receive an unexpected holiday bonus, or find out from the family patriarch or matriarch that a decision has been made to draw names for Christmas instead of buying gifts for everyone in the family!

Leave room for Kris Kringle to bring a little magic into your life and oh, by gosh, by golly he will comply! The Christmas season is meant to be a time of peace, love and joy. For those of us in charge of decorating, meal planning, gift buying and wrapping, it can be quite stressful. I mean, partnering with Santa is no easy feat! Understanding energy flow and finding ways to keep the nourishing energy in your home can be one way you can take back control of the out of control, commercialism. Sensing the flow of energy in your space and using tools like the multifaceted round crystal to shift that energy from leaving to holding and nurturing your life is as easy as falling off a yule log!

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