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Chart A Course For Adventure

Updated: Apr 2

“Astro*Carto*Graphy is a method of locational astrology by which geographic locations are associated with expected differences in personal life circumstances.”

It was created by American astrologer Jim Lewis. Astrology maps show the influences of the planets at your time of birth. With Astro cartography, your astrological chart is used to assess different locations in the world and uncover your most powerful places.

By tapping into the energy of these places you can align with your life purpose. The locations can provide the energy needed to support your work and your relationships. They can also adversely affect your life. Have you ever felt there were places that you lived where you remained an outsider, even though you spent twenty years there? You might have felt heavy or depressed in those places. You may not have been able to find creative inspiration or developed strong friendships in those areas. Are you a curmudgeon or perhaps are you under the challenging influences of the planets?

The planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have intense and transformational energy. Mars is not open to compromise while Saturn requires you to put your duty before all else. When living in locations with these energies you will notice that you might be living the life of Cinderella, the early years. The Sun offers more positive aspects by supporting clarity of purpose and feelings of wholeness. The planet Venus invites you to be the belle of the ball! There are many more complicated aspects involving trines and conjunctions that I will leave to the experts, but you get the gist of it.

I’m moving where?? I have had several readings and learned that the strongest energy for me in the world is located in Bar Harbor, Maine. Bar Harbor is on the coast of Maine near Acadia National Park. This small town of 5527 people is where my chart dictates, I will be my most authentic self and find both love and success. So, in 2019 I traveled there to meet my destiny. Bar Harbor is a beautiful place where cruise ships routinely pull into port to experience its magical energy. The locals were incredibly welcoming, but I had a hard time feeling it’s energy due to all the frenetic energy of the flatlandahs from away during tourist season. I tried again this year and reached the same conclusion. I also learned of their short days in the winter and wondered if that might create a recipe for seasonal affective disorder. My astrologer makes it clear in his consultations that the energy of the place and the person must be a good fit before you pull up stakes and make that spot your new home sweet home. If you do not vibe with it, being there day in and day out no matter how positively the planets influence it, will not alter that.

In my Astro cartography session, I was given a list of places that have both supportive and challenging aspects. Bar Harbor happens to be the “cleanest” of these vibrations, meaning not having any challenging planets in its neighborhood. As it doesn’t feel quite right to live there at this time, I am looking to better understand the planetary influences of where I am now and how I can best work with these energies. There is something to understanding how the challenging energies can help me peel away the false layers and hidden aspects of myself by using their tough love strategies to fine tune my life. Transformation is rough on the human, but medicine for the soul. Saturn’s conventional attitude hits me square in the face in these parts. He insists that I work tirelessly to dot my I’s and cross my T’s so I will have a strong foundation ensuring that I am good at what I do.

Plan B, what if I don’t or can’t live there? When visiting Bar Harbor and surrounding towns I couldn’t find any houses on the market that felt like home. I just never got “that feeling” or “that sign” I was waiting for to indicate this is it, move here. So, I did the next best thing to benefit from the energy of the place. I remotely activated the energy of Bar Harbor. Have you been drawn to a certain culture loving their music, clothing or food? I have a friend that taught Spanish, traveled to Nicaragua for twenty years with her father and has added some beautiful Hispanic touches to her hacienda. Another friend enjoys making Indian dishes for her hubby because he can’t get enough of their cuisine! I would venture a guess that these places hold a special energy for them.

In my reading with my astrologer, I learned that I hold a strong energetic connection to both France and China. I was a French major in college, taught French for a few years, love French design and keep French alive in my life today with French television. I have always had Asian things sprinkled throughout my home. It was easy to connect into that energy when I was a child as my father, an airline pilot, flew to the Orient bringing back dolls, kimonos etc. for us. My mother decorated our living room with Asian décor. I was gifted my first book on Feng Shui, the Chinese art of arranging space, twenty years ago and resonated so easily with it that I pursued certification and started my own Feng Shui consultation business.

This is a powerful tool we can all use to tap into the energetic link of a place. I remember as a kid my favorite television program being Murder She Wrote, a murder mystery series airing in 1984 on Sunday primetime. It takes place in the fictitious town of Cabot Cove on the coast of Maine. In fact, as I think back, I can hear the prominent character Dr. Seth Hazlitt speaking about Bah Hahbah, go figure! To import the energy of Bar Harbor in my life today I needed to find a few symbols to activate that energetic link. I decided to utilize the energy of what I enjoyed the most from my most recent excursion with my partner. We were mesmerized by the views of the harbors in that area, so I purchased a seabag made out of a sail and had Bar Harbor’s zip code embroidered on it. I also got a calendar of the region for my office so I could be reminded of its beauty daily in addition to subscribing to their magazine Down East. We enjoyed some great lobster at Archer’s on the Pier in Rockland Maine, so I ordered a key fob with a lobster on it. I bought a few magnets of the puffin bird, a map of Maine and ships on the high seas. Bean boots? Ayuh! Already in my closet awaiting winter. I picked up a sailor’s yellow raincoat from Mast General store before our trip and downloaded a sea shanty that Amazon randomly played on my station. These were some fun ways that I chose to connect into their vibe, but the sky’s the limit! Get creative and find some interesting ways to feel your special place.

Your plan How do you know where these places are? You can consult the experts. I would highly recommend an astrology session with Wolfram at or Maya White at You can also play around with it yourself online. I found a site, where you can click on a place, and they will give you the planetary information as well as their influences on you. It may not be quite the caliber of an actual reading, but it will familiarize you with their aspects and validate what you might already be sensing about different cultures and places you would love to visit.

You will need your name, birthdate and birth time just as you would with a regular astrological reading. If you are unfamiliar with astrology, some of the information will be confusing. If you are serious about learning more, consider a consultation with a certified reader because they will break down the information into bite sized digestible pieces.

Not everyone’s location will have the same influence. The planetary influence in Western North Carolina requires me to work hard and find ways to be unique, while it’s meant to be enjoyed and an exploration of creativity for my partner. What makes the difference is our birth days and times. This program created by Lewis measures where the planets were specifically situated at the exact moment, we each took our first breath, so how they affect us differs. If you’re curious about your powerful places in the world,

Astro*Carto*Graphy might just be your map to an exciting new adventure making you happier than a clam at high tide!

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